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Guide to Glass Dildos

  • Lasting Longer in Bed: How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

    Lasting Longer in Bed: How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

    ATTEN-HUT! Getting your soldier to stand at attention is not just about discipline (although it can be a huge part of it). But let’s be real, we’ve all had a lazy soldier, but what do you do when it happens too often? What’s wrong, what changed, and most importantly, how do we fix it? Lasting longer in bed for men is a common goal, and we’ve got your 6 to make sure you’re at ease about getting in formation.
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  • Silicone vs. Glass Dildo Sensations - Blog by Gläs

    Silicone vs. Glass Dildo Sensations

    Okay, you’re online and looking to satisfy your inner fiend for peen. Do you go for some silicone to bone, or are you better suited with glass for that ass? You just know you have a hankering for some hanky panky and you need some manual help. Not sure which dildo is best for you? That depends on what you like, what you need, and how you plan to use it (besides the obvious). Choosing a silicone or glass dildo can be a hard choice, but with a little research, you can definitely find something to hit the spot.
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  • The Best Rabbit Vibrators to Hop On This Easter - Guide to Glass, a blog by Gläs

    The Best Rabbit Vibrators to Hop On This Easter

    Hey, we don’t make the rules. Named after the German goddess of spring, Oestre, Easter is on a Pagan holiday that celebrates rebirth with eggs as the symbolism of new life and rabbits signifying fertility… more specifically, the act that produces fertility. Of course, this time of year has other connotations that are important, but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because we want to talk about fucking like rabbits. Or rather, fucking with the best rabbit vibrators.
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  • Clearly kinky: Using Glass Toys in Bondage and BDSM - Guide to Glass, a blog by Gläs

    Clearly kinky: Using Glass Toys in Bondage and BDSM

    It’s Friday and you’re home from work late because the traffic was terrible. You walk in and see a sink full of dishes, and yet, you smell no food. The laundry is undone, the trash is still piled up inside, and your partner is on the couch snoozing with half the pillows on the floor next to a spilled drink. As you start the process of cleaning the house AGAIN, you fantasize about how you will punish your partner this time. They were very naughty in not doing their chores and you know just how to make them behave. You line up your glass toys and think very carefully about which ones will get the job done…
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  • Heat Things Up: Sensory Play 101 - Guide to Glas, a blog by Glas

    Heat Things Up: Sensory Play 101

    Everybody always talks about how they get sooo hot (and bothered) when it comes to sex, but no one ever discusses the fact they like getting cold as a kink – but they do. Sensory play is alive and well and is much like a Katy Perry song. Hot then cold. Yes then no. In then out. Up then down. And while there’s a lot that goes into tickling the senses (among other things), it’s the temperature sensations that get things heated and makes sex cool.

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  • Get Tied Up With Kinky Sex Toys - Guide to Glass by Gläs

    Get Tied Up With Kinky Sex Toys

    Did Cupid leave you sweaty and satisfied or were you left hermetic and horny? Whether you’ve hung from the chandeliers with nipple clamps swinging and a ball gag in your mouth or dusted the crust off your hoo-hah for the horny hijinks that only the lonely understand, we’ve got you covered with the kinky sex toys your cave is craving.

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  • Getting to know your Female Erogenous Zones - Gläs Blog

    Meet Lady Labia and Countess Clitoris: Getting to know your Female Erogenous Zones

    We’re going to assume you know the basics. You’ve met someone who razzles your dazzle. After getting consent, you’re ready to make some noise. You could jump straight into pounding on the pussy OR you could show that you know what you’re doing. Foreplay is important for all parties involved but for THIS article, we’re focusing on the female erogenous zones: the what, the where, and the how.

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  • Kama Sutra for Gay Couples - Gläs Blog

    Kama Sutra for Gay Couples

    The Kama Sutra is often thought of as being the pseudo “Sex Bible” wherein ancient Indian religion, analogies on relationships and courtship, and sexual advice create their own kind of trinity for how people can lead fruitful, fulfilling lives that follow the ancient Indian perspective of “Godliness”. Now, from a gay perspective, it is historically safest to approach anything to do with organized religious text with an air of caution. But history is exactly where we need to look to see how the Kama Sutra and Indian society viewed homosexuality.

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  • What is outercourse? - a blog by Gläs

    What is outercourse?

    We all understand sex to be penetration, but that isn’t exactly always the case. Penetrative sex is commonly referred to as intercourse, but if that’s not your bag, there is an alternative! Outercourse is non-penetrative sex. What that means is different for different people, but the most important takeaway is… sex. gets. BETTER. when it isn’t “sex”. Outercourse is one of the most sensual and thrilling ways to make your partner feel good. It can be incredibly intimate while producing some of the most mind-blowing orgasms you’ve ever had… so what are you waiting on to try it?

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