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Our Story - Gläs

Gläs is a brand of premium glass pleasure products that are known around the world for its high quality materials and creative designs. Nominated for multiple adult retail industry accolades throughout the years, it’s the lasting demand for Gläs from consumers worldwide that have made this brand an international success.
With one-of-a-kind styles that are handcrafted based on a carefully thought-out design that features pleasure-enhancing characteristics like nubs, swirling ridges, and easy-to-control handles, Gläs was founded with the goal of delivering the ultimate sensual pleasure while highlighting the uniqueness of glass.

The Gläs collection made its first-ever debut in 2007 with an assortment of designs for everybody and sensual preferences. Offering an ever-growing collection of dildos, double-headed styles, “juicer” and butt plugs in a variety of eye-catching colors, Gläs takes pride in its widely accessible prices that make it possible for all to enjoy.
Gläs was established with the mission to offer a wide selection of styles at incredibly affordable prices, without sacrificing quality. The result is a consistently top-selling brand, which has stood the test of time and looks forward to continuing to inspire creativity in the bedroom with irresistible glass pleasure products.


Gläs About Us

Our Passion - Glass Sex Toys 

Since ancient times, glass has long been used to create all kinds of daily household items. In the 1st century, workers in the Middle East discovered glass blowing, an easier process that changed the way that glass was manufactured. Glass has since been used not only become beloved for its functional qualities around the house, but also as a beautiful material to create art out of and to experience other forms of pleasure.

According to some historical accounts, glass dildos were first referenced in writings from the 1600s-1700s that suggest that Italian nuns used hand-blown, hollow glass dildos filled with warm water for self-pleasure during that time period. As glass-blowing techniques continued to improve — and clever humans continued to experiment with sexual pleasure — it was just a matter of time before glass became a material of choice for making sex toys.

We specialize in glass because of the many benefits that it offers to its users. Beyond the beautiful array of forms that glass toys can be made into, the designs are also incredibly functional. Glass dildos can be shaped to provide the perfect G-spot massage or into a range of designs for pleasurable anal play.

Glass toys feature a satisfying, weighty feel that provide the perfect pressure against anywhere on the body that craves it. Their gleaming translucent look and smooth, cool feel against your skin is unmatched. Our selection of Glas dildos comes in various artistic designs featuring stimulating nubs, swirls, double-ended styles, and other pleasure-enhancing elements.

Gläs About Us - Glass dildo being handblown and handmade

Why choose Gläs

Once you set your eyes on the expansive selection of Gläs styles, it will immediately be clear that this collection is for you. Add some decadence to your intimate play with a beautiful, lustrous glass pleasure tool with numerous benefits that only this material can offer.

  • Hand-blown craftsmanship

    Each Gläs item is handmade by artisans that specialize in creating one-of-a-kind designs that provide an exquisite experience. These functional pieces of art are both visually and physically stimulating with carefully conceived shapes to target erogenous zones.

  • Unique designs

    Glass can be crafted into a variety of extraordinary forms that can be used to experience pleasure in new ways never before imaginable. With unique designs and their slick surfaces, Gläs toys massage, stimulate and please with their distinct texture.

  • 100% Borosilicate Material

    All Gläs toys are made from borosilicate glass, which is known for its superior quality that makes it more resistant to thermal shock than other types of glass. Borosilicate glass is medical-grade, lead-free, and non-toxic. Toys made with borosilicate glass can withstand extreme temperatures and are more durable, safe, and resistant to bacteria.

  • High quality

    Made from premium, body-safe borosilicate glass, each Gläs item is of the highest quality with carefully crafted ergonomic designs that are meant to provide ease of use and complete control of your pleasure.

  • Customer service & satisfaction

    Purchasing a Gläs toy from our website will provide you with outstanding customer service should you need any support, along with discreet billing, packaging, and shipping. Our selection of Gläs toys all come with a 3-year warranty; and you can always expect secure payments.