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Yoni Eggs: Beginners Guide to Kegel Exercises

Yoni Eggs: Beginners Guide to Kegel Exercises

We’re going to let you in on a not-so-little secret. If you tighten your vaginal muscles, you can have better sex and mind-blowing orgasms. How does that work exactly? Yoni eggs can help. Let’s get into it.

What are Yoni Eggs?

Yoni eggs are smooth egg-shaped stones that folks believe can heal you and change your energy. While we wouldn’t bet our mortgage on that, we stand by the fact that yoni eggs basically demand that you squeeze your Kegel muscles just to keep them in. It’s like a personal trainer for your pussy.

We call them yoni eggs because the “yoni” is a Sanskrit word meaning the source. By the time these raunchy roe made it to Western discourse, even doctors – who may or may not approve of them – refer to yoni eggs as such. Still, there are professional practitioners who can help you get acclimated to their use.

What are Kegels?

Kegel exercises relax your vaginal muscles so that they are more open, that is, receptive. Not to be confused with a bigger love tunnel, but rather, a more flexible and accommodating one. One way to do Kegel exercises is to simply squeeze. Start out by squeezing for three seconds, five times. Try this twice a day and you will start to feel the results. You can gradually increase to ten seconds and more as you get stronger. The best part about this is that you can do them anywhere and no one has to know.

kegal exercise

Ok, that was a lie. The ACTUAL best part about this is that it feels good. Kegel exercises can be quite arousing and to further enhance such a wonderful thing, try introducing yoni eggs to your sexy squeezes. Yoni eggs are smooth egg-shaped stones that claim to have spiritual and energetic healing powers. Whether you believe in crystals and gems is up to you, but holding a yoni egg in requires that you squeeze your pelvic muscle and in this way, yoni eggs help with Kegel exercises.

What is the Best Material for Yoni Eggs?

Originally made of jade, it was once believed that doing Kegel exercises would transfer the jade’s energetic benefits to the wearer. Jade is thought to ward off harm and brings harmony instead. It helps the wearer to attract good luck, friendship, and self-sufficiency while releasing negativity.

Yoni eggs can be made of just about any crystal or semi-precious stone, which means they, theoretically, have the properties of that stone. Rose quartz is popular for love, clear quartz is perfect for balancing emotions, and obsidian clears negativity. Doing Kegel exercises using any one of these makes absolute sense except for one thing: some of them are porous. That means they can hold bacteria. If you have your yoni egg in overnight, or if you don’t wash it as thoroughly as you think you did, you will have much bigger issues.

You can avoid all of this by choosing a non-porous borosilicate glass yoni egg. Glass is the easiest material to clean as well as the safest for longer insertion use. Glass also is non-reactive to lubricants, meaning that you can use them with water-based, silicone, or oil lubes worry-free! They are also safe to clean with an antibacterial toy cleaner, ensuring that the maximum amount of germs is eliminated after each use. Not only are you a lot less likely to introduce bacteria or get a nick, but you can also leave them in longer with the assurance that they are MUCH cleaner, to begin with.

Glass Yoni Eggs Kegel Training Set

How to Use Yoni Eggs

Inserting a yoni egg can be a little trial and a whole lot of error when you first try it. The first thing you need to do is relax, and that includes creating whatever environment you need with sound, lighting, pillows, candles, etc. Once your mind and body are relaxed, take some time to arouse yourself. Start with fingers and don’t be around to really let your natural wetness allow some slip and slide. A really good idea here is to use some lube. With glass yoni eggs, any lube is okay, but we recommend a water-based one for this. Rub the lubricated egg up and down your slit to further arouse and warm the egg to match your temperature.

When you’re ready, continue your stroking motion with the larger end positioned for insertion. Relax and go just a bit at a time, letting your muscles get used to this new sensation. You can use both hands if you want, and sometimes a little twisting action helps to do the trick.

Now that it’s inserted, the Kegel exercises are pretty much organic. Tighten and relax your vaginal wall slowly and continuously. 30 minutes a day is sufficient, however, it is safe to use yoni eggs for up to 8 hours. We would recommend not sleeping with them in to avoid toxic shock syndrome.

How to Remove Your Yoni Eggs

Removing your egg is simpler than one would guess. Simply relax, squat, and cough. This is another great time to use some lube, but if you are still having trouble, use a finger to reach inside and hook around the yoni egg and pull it out. Remember to clean your egg thoroughly after each use. A high-concentration saline wash is best, but a mild soap with warm water is fine as well.

How to Clean Your Yoni Eggs

Because our yoni eggs are made of borosilicate glass, they are incredibly easy to maintain. Mild soap and warm water are all it takes, however, we recommend using an antibacterial toy cleaner. These cleaners not only eliminate bacteria but also cut the residue left behind by lubricants. Just make sure to be thorough when washing and let it air dry before putting it away.

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Getting Creative with Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs can be used for so much more than just Kegel exercises. While we definitely shouldn’t overlook the benefits of a good Kegel, which include improving your vag’s blood circulation, strengthening the pelvic floor, creating a more accommodating and flexible canal, making orgasms more easily accessible, pain relief,... We should still be mindful that yoni eggs are perfect for sensory play. They can be heated or cool and used to stimulate different erogenous zones. You can even heat one and cool the other at the same time for more titillating play. Another use that most people enjoy regardless of genitalia is that they are great for massages. Whether you have a knot in your back or have kinkier intentions, these ova can be warmed and rubbed anywhere you need a little TLC.

Regardless of how you incorporate yoni eggs into your world, it’s easy to agree that they are an excellent addition to your fun bag – you know the one. So don’t be afraid to lay a few eggs… and get laid in the process.

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