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How To Use A Sex Swing

How To Use A Sex Swing

I… wanna swing… from the door sliiiiiiing! Better than a chandelier the Lux Fetish Door Slam Love Sex Swing will have you flying into a different kind of party. Over-the-door sex swings allow you to turn any standard-sized door frame into a stabilizer for intense positions that increase stimulation and heighten the intensity of your sex. It also allows you to do a wider range of positions that would be impossible to achieve on a bed or swing. This allows you to please or be pleased in many positions that are physically impossible on a bed or chair.

How to Install a Sex Swing

Over-the-door sex swings are easy to install and dismantle, keeping evidence of your acts discreet while keeping you secure. Simply place the straps over the door so that the acrylic bars hang over the top of the door to the outside. The rest of the strap from the adjustment buckle down to the foot straps should hang on the inside of the door. Shut the door so that the strap is secured in between the door frame and the door with the acrylic bar anchoring the strap from the outside. Test the strap to ensure the door frame and door are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the person in the swing. Be sure to lock the door while using your sex swing to add extra reinforcement and prevent anyone from accidentally opening the door during use.

Before use, always check that all pieces of your sex swing are sturdy and not ripping, fraying, or missing any components. Also, consider the door and the weight of the subject in the swing. We recommend using a more solid, sturdy door as hollow plywood doors may not be able to withstand as much counterweight. Always do a test swing first (when you’re not in the mood to use the swing) and make sure the door can support your weight.

Finally, read the instructions to fully understand the item, make sure that the straps are appropriately adjusted to your height and comfort level, and test bracing yourself in the swing first to make sure you are comfortable using one. Anxiety can be very dangerous in a sex swing, so always make sure you are comfortable and aware when you use one.

Best Door Sex Swing Positions

Over-the-door sex swings allow you to explore a multitude of positions that are impossible to achieve on a bed or chair. The added mobility and lack of surfaces allows you or your partner 360 degrees of sexploration over the swinging subject’s body. You can even use it as a thrusting assistant, allowing you to slide back and forth with more control and deeper penetration. Here are four of our favorite sex swing positions you can achieve with the Door Slam Love Sex Swing.

The Door-to-Bore Missionary Position

Have you heard the good word about penetration? Well, we have a position for those looking to add a little hot sauce to their vanilla sex position. Have the bottom brace their back against the door with their legs through the straps with the straps wrapping the upper thigh. With the top’s assistance, adjust the straps so that the bottom is hanging with both legs elevated and their back bracing the door. This allows for a standing, vertical missionary position that allows the top to penetrate even deeper into the bottom and provides greater maneuverability, making it more comfortable for the top to reach the prostate or G-spot.

The Follow-up (the Ass)

I hope this tip finds you face down, ass up. This position is great for lovers who enjoy pelting from the rear. Have the bottom facing the door with the straps wrapping their ankles. Have the top hold the bottom by the waist with the bottom bracing the door with their hands in a push-up position. Have the bottom push off of the door, sliding back onto the penis or peg of the top. This allows the bottom to control the swing movement and depth of penetration.

Cumming for the Throne

Get your best knight’s mouth lance ready for lashing. This position is perfect for implementing oral sex with your Door Slam. Have the receiver place their legs through the straps with the straps wrapping their upper thigh. With the giver’s help, adjust the straps so that the receiver is in a squat position. Have the giver lay, crouch, scrunch, or contort themselves in however demeaning a position as you find kinky and give that hole a twirl with the tongue. This position works great for both vaginal oral sex, or rimming the anus.

Air Swinging 69

One partner lays back in the swing, so the straps are around their back, lower butt, and heels. The second partner, with their legs firmly planted on the floor, bends over. Then bam, you two start going to town on each other!

The Saloon Door Swing

Get your feet in the stirrups for a raunchy rodeo! Using the straps of the over-the-door sex swing as foot anchors have the bottom place their back against the door, holding on to the upper straps to brace themselves in the Cowboy/girl position. This is a perfect position to receive oral sex, but also to comfortably penetrate. Have the top sit in a chair with their penis or peg penetrating you and use your arms to raise and lower yourself onto them allowing for fluctuating weight and intensity.

The Wheelbarrow

Put your top to work with this construction worker fantasy of a position. Put the leg of the top through the straps so that their belly is parallel to the floor and the bottoms of your feet are turned up. Have the top hold the wrists of the bottom to lift them off the floor while standing in between their legs. The top then penetrates the bottom from a standing position with the bottom nearly perpendicular to the top.

Using a Sex Swing to Enhance Your Intercourse

Sex swings are a fantastic way for trying out positions that gives equalization to both top and bottom or giver and receiver. They allow couples to try positions that were uncomfortable or impossible due to height, weight, or strength, and provide options for people with disabilities the opportunity to engage in acts that were previously impossible.

Regardless of if you are looking at an over-the-door sex swing as a kink or a necessity, this apparatus can unlock a whole new door (hehe) to pleasure play. These incredibly effective tools are also incredibly affordable and give a great intro option to those looking to explore kink without making a large toy investment. So shut the door and strap up for a swingin’ time.

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