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Eight BDSM Sex Acts To Try This Pride!

Eight BDSM Sex Acts to Try This Pride!

Are you getting pumped for Pride? As we get suited and booted in our leathery (or feathery) best, let’s take our kink to the sheets with some of our fave ways to get it on till the break of dawn. When you’re both mutuals with Dorothy, kink can be a little different. Whether you’re a bearded baddie with a panache for paddling or a power sub in service to a cub, we break down some of the most highly ranked kinky sex acts in our community!


If putting your dukes up a derriere is what you mean when you say you’re going uptown Saturday night, then you’re in the right place. Anal fisting is putting your hand in a duckbill shape and gradually inserting it into your partner’s anus. Once in, with your partner’s permission, ball your hand up and let ‘em have it. You’re going to need a fresh nail trim, some latex gloves, and lots of Fisting Cream. If you’re getting stuffed, then an enema is not your enemy here. Double down with a warm bath to relax beforehand, and talk to your top about what kind of aftercare you’ll need.


Definitely not cognitive behavioral therapy, but it will make you act right with a choice Dom at the helm. Cock and Ball Torture is not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re into Cock Rings or Ball Dividers and Stretchers, cracking nuts will bring all the boys to the yard. Twisting, pulling, slapping, weighting, and applying other forms of pressure or impact can be incredibly arousing – either through the pain itself or the psychological/emotional pleasure of being submissive. Be careful though. Once you pop, the fun must stop and no one wants to end up in the ER. Strong communication and checking for circulation keep this kink safe and sexy.


If “not until I say so” was a sexual activity, it’d be this. Bringing yourself or your partner right to the edge of ecstasy and then denying them of that release is the stuff edging is made of. It’s not a complete denial. You build and destroy with their carnal desires until you finally allow them to explode with leg-jerking relief. Everyone approaches edging differently, but don’t get it confused with a spoiled orgasm. Edging is like blowing up and deflating a balloon. A spoiled orgasm would be like popping it – and that can be fun too!

Rope Play

Lasso your lad in for a little rope play, and you’ll have them on their knees… or whatever position you choose. Once you learn the knot game, you can tie your partner up and even suspend them while you titillate and tease them into a salacious stupor. Shibari Rope Play is a sensual and aesthetically please introduction to rope play. Experiment with various colors and lengths to build your perfect visual.

Sensory Play

If you are aroused by the taste, smell, sound, feel, or sight of something, or if it affects bodily functions, you’re into some sensory play. And we like that. Some of the more surface kinks like temperature play (think hot wax) or sploshing (which is basically a big ol’ sexy mess like cake sitting) are directly related to the five senses. But did you know we also have interoception which comprises internal senses. When to pee, when to eat, etc. Sensory play of this type includes feeding and omorashi (or bladder fullness). To explore this kink, start off with sensory deprivation items like blindfolds, stretch hoods, or ball gags.

Bondage Play

Here it is a random weeknight and here you are handcuffed to a bed spreader with a Wartenburg wheel rolling down the back of your knees. Was this your plan? Either way, good on you! Whether you are brand spanking new to BDSM or stepping up your dungeon game, BDSM is arousal through pain, restraint, and bondage. We’ve all swatted some ass in the name of sex – BDSM is exactly that but with a lot more planning.

Forced Orgasm

Kinda (definitely) the opposite of edging or denial, forced orgasms are literally forcing you to nut until your body has no more to give. And don’t think it stops when the semen runs out… You squeeze a few more out for Zaddy. No top has that much energy, so say hello to his little friend! Once he breaks out the real-life version of the Skeet Skeet 5000, it’s time to ball til you fall – LITERALLY.


While time and place will always be a factor, there’s something about whipping your dick out in front of a group of (consensual) onlookers to get your happies off. Feeling good is one thing; having people see how you feel good is a different level. Sure you could go with a squirt and jerk with some good-doing lube, but you could step it up a notch with a male masturbator or a vibrating butt plug. Find a friend with the same kink and race. After all, the point is to have fun, right?

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