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What is a Blueberry Fetish

What is a Blueberry Fetish?

Getting Juiced With Blueberry Fetishes

Oompa Loompa Dickety BLUE, we’ve got another fetish for you. 

If you like ‘em big and purple-y, you might want to try blueberry. 

What do you get when you inflate your mate? 

Making them as big as a parking lot gate? 

You can get into color change too,

What do you think of Beauregard blue?

Arousal at the look of it.

What is Blueberry Fetish?

Blueberry fetish is a subcategory of inflation, feeding, expansion, BDSM, enclosure, and possibly a few others. Inflation is a widely known fetish expressed by the expansion of body parts. Enthusiasts are drawn to the transformation from smaller to larger. This transformation can be the result of being pumped with air, water, or food. In some cases, enemas are preferred when filling the inflatee with water.

Feeding is a form of inflation, where the submissive, or inflatee, is forced to eat more and more. The goal can be weight gain or simply feeding/being fed in an intimate setting where weight gain is inevitable.

Enter blueberry fetish where the larger body transformation aligns with the deep indigo hues of a blueberry and voila! But how did we get here? 

Who is Violet Beauregard?

To learn about little Miss Beauregard in regards to kink, you’d have to dig into the history of blueberry inflation fetish. In 1971, the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory aired. It starred Gene Wilder who played the candyman and invited five lucky children and their parents into his home cum factory. Each child had a character or personality flaw that made them simply unbearable. Violet Beauregard was a self-proclaimed gum chewer until she heard about the golden tickets from Mr. Willy Wonka. She switched to candy bars long enough to win, and then went right back to her gum. Turns out, gum was her flaw. She never shut up about gum and everyone was annoyed. So when she saw that Mr. Wonka was working on a special full meal gum for poor children to eat and get full, she stole a piece, despite his warning. 

When Violet got to the dessert part of the gum, she turned blue, then violet as she started to swell. While everyone thought it was air, Mr. Wonka corrected them, informing them that she was actually being turned into a blueberry. He said that it was imperative to get her juiced before she explodes. This is where the kink happens for a lot of people.

Seeing the transformation as she swells and turns purple is arousing for many. There is a common misunderstanding that these fetishists are aroused at the child, but the explanation from the community has been that they were children themselves when they initially saw the movie. They aren’t interested in the child at all, and that the kink follows the SSC (safe, sane, consensual) code of ethics.

Gettin’ Juicy

What is appealing, however, is not only the transformation, but the perceived juiciness and or squishiness of the person being blueberried. This ties into the feeding kink, as well as BBW/SSBBW – a kink that fetishizes big, beautiful women and super-sized big, beautiful women, respectively.

For many, this fetish is hard to perform or even have access to in person. It’s big and messy. While that’s the whole appeal, most people don’t have the space to accommodate a fat suit or purple dye. Since there’s so much shame around this kink, it tends to live online in chat groups and forums. To be clear, blueberryists aren’t ashamed of their kink and they have no reason to be. However, because of misunderstanding from the community at large, they are often ridiculed, and many may never share their violet fetish kink with their partner.

Relying mostly on fan art and commissioned erotica, blueberry fetish lives in the imaginations of many inflation fetishists. There’s even a comic that’s popular within the community. Since all fetishes started off as a kink exploration, why not give it a go? We hear the juice is worth the squeeze.

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