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Fellatio Navidad: A Christmas Erotic Story - Part III - by Gläs

Fellatio Navidad - Part III

Part I

Part II

Mrs. C laughed and let them in.

Shinny looked at the sweaty, near sleep assistant splayed across the sofa and laughed.

“What’s with her? No holiday spirit?” he cajoled.

“Oh she’s got plenty of holiday cheer, and I’ve been letting it out all evening. Isn’t that right, dear?” Mrs. C waited for a response and when she didn’t get one, she turned on the vibrator in the assistant’s panties.

“Why, yes, we have had lots of Christmas cheer this evening!” the assistant said with an exhausted smile.

“Oh realllllly,” Shinny said, slyly. “Show me.”

Mrs. C laughed at Shinny’s cheekiness. “My goodness, you are messy! But not as messy as this room is about to be.” She looked around, her eyes landing on the assistant. She was perfectly laid on the couch with one leg out and the other dangling to the floor. She had her arms bent behind her head, eyes closed. Mrs. C simply leaned over and attached her mouth to her assistant’s clitoris that was poked out, beckoning to her. The assistant gasped as her back arched, mouth open looking down. Mrs. C grabbed her arms and held them to her side, never loosening the latch of her mouth on the assistant's hottest and wettest spot.

Shinny, wild-eyed, snapped his fingers and Santa knelt in front of him. Santa undid the snaps on the leather trousers and Shinny’s huge penis plopped out, semi-erect. Santa wanted to watch his wife and her assistant, but he knew better than to hesitate giving Shinny a shining. He slid Santa’s yule log deep into his mouth until he almost gagged. This wasn’t his first trip around Shinny’s pole and he knew exactly what to do. When it hit the hilt of Santa’s throat, he simply did a swallowing motion and took in another inch. Breathing through his nose, he repeated the process a couple of times until Shinny’s hair tickled his nose. He rested a second, letting the feeling of fullness settle in his throat, and then he began to slowly bob his head. Rolling Shinny’s balls in his fingers like he was adjusting a radio dial, Santa continued giving Shinny slow, sloppy head. Shinny was running from Santa, backed up on the couch with his feet curled up and squealing like Santa normally does. He had never gotten slow head from Santa, nor had he ever gotten this far down anyone’s throat and it was more intense than he could take. But he was NOT going to stop Santa from doing what he felt like he needed to do at that moment.

Santa took a peek at his wife mopping her face with the assistant’s glistening mound and felt his own dick starting to stir. He wanted to slide his candy cane in the assistant. He wondered if Shinny would let him. He wondered if Mrs. C would let him. He hoped the assistant would let him. Thinking about it produced a bit of pre-cum on his dick and he knew he needed to focus. He slid his mouth up to the very top of Shinny’s dick and sucked in his cheeks, creating a suction on the head. He then flicked his tongue across the top quickly, then slowed his tongue to a drag across the top. He alternated fast and slow while listening to the high-pitched huffing noises coming from both Shinny and the assistant. All at once he dropped his head down and took the whole dick in again, fast at first, then back to the slow head. Drool and precum were dribbling from his mouth and in Shinny’s hairs. He felt a familiar pulse on the bottom side of Shinny’s dick and prepared himself for the blast.

Shinny spurted long thick cords of spunk and Santa never let a single one of them hit the air. He made big gulps, swallowing every drop, and never stopped sucking. By now Shinny was trying to push him off, but Santa didn’t want to miss anything. He kept sucking Shinny’s dick until he was sure there was nothing left. He rolled the last glob around in his mouth before giving Shinny the thick wet glob via a kiss. They played with the jizz in their mouths for a bit when Santa looked at the assistant now heaving. He looked at Shinny, who nodded his head before removing Santa’s cock ring for safety. Santa walked over to the assistant and knelt down beside the couch near her head. Watching his best friend for any sign of rejection, he leaned over and kissed the assistant, passing Shinny’s batch of baby batter on to her. She swallowed it.

Shinny walked over to the assistant and teased his dick across her lips. She happily accepted him into her mouth. He threw one leg over her body, keeping one leg on the floor for balance. Santa sat back and watched as his two best friends sexed the assistant. Of course, this was the only way he could have her. They had to have her first. To plead for permission, Santa knelt at the end of the couch where Mrs. C was bent over, servicing the assistant. With her ass in the air, knees slightly apart, he went in and massaged her labia with his tongue before zeroing in on her clit. Mrs. C took a long deep breath in, detaching from the assistant for the first time since going down on her. She turned around and slapped Santa with the force of 13 flying reindeer. Santa shuddered, gathered himself, then continued. Mrs. C smiled and continued to suck on the assistant’s clit. The assistant suddenly heaved as a rush of liquid spurted out of her and onto Mrs. C’s chest.

“That is MAGNIFICENT! Can she do it again?” Shinny said, excitedly.

“Of course she can. And she will. Many, many times.” Mrs. C took a sip of water and started again. Shinny wanted to watch so he finished in the assistant’s mouth quickly and then sat in the chair across from the couch. He was fascinated watching his Sugar Fairy, his best friend, and the assistant in different states of passion.

He jumped up briskly and opened a drawer on the coffee table. After finding a slim, vibrating dildo, he removed it from its satchel and covered it in lube. After rubbing lube on Santa’s hole, he teased the vibrator until he was able to pop it into Santa’s cave. He found Santa’s perineum almost immediately, and just when Santa was about to cum, he stopped the vibrations and slowly pulled the dildo out. Santa whimpered.

Meanwhile, the assistant was on her 6th nut since they had been there, and she had had countless orgasms upstairs in the window. She was exhausted, but Mrs. C promised her she would come all night long. The assistant thought it was a figure of speech, but here she was, without a drop of energy left, and she kept juicing everywhere and on everything, but Mrs. C would not stop. She looked over and saw that Shinny kept bringing Santa to the edge, but not actually letting him bust his load. Bewildered, she was almost mad they couldn’t switch places. And then she had yet another orgasm.

Mrs. C stopped and looked at the clock. Then she looked at Shinny who looked at the clock. Then they looked at Santa. The assistant realized it was almost midnight. She had never spent Christmas with them before and didn’t know what they did at this time. She was normally finishing up the food since all the elves would be hungry and exhausted once it was time for Santa and the reindeer to be on their way.

The assistant, still spread out on the couch, couldn't move anymore. Her poor muscles were exhausted from tensing over and over in pleasure. Santa slid between her legs and waited for her to say okay. The assistant nodded, and Santa plunged his dick so deep in her that she sat up for the first time in hours. Shinny laughed, and Mrs. C smiled. Mrs. C donned a strapless pegging dildo and mounted Santa. He stood still long enough for her to lube him and slide in, and matching her thrusts, he resumed pumping the assistant. Everything felt so good to him that he knew he was very close. He looked at the time and thought he had a good chance. He threw his head back and pumped harder, making Mrs. C work to keep up with him. Just when his eyes rolled back in his head, he heard Shinny’s voice.

“STOP!” And Santa did. That was the no-nonsense voice and he was afraid of disobeying Shinny when he heard it. He looked at Shinny and knew from his expression that he was done having fun with the assistant. He waited for Mrs. C to slide out of him, which felt amazing and made his dick jump. He dismounted the assistant and waited for instructions.

“All fours!” Santa assumed the position. Mrs. C laid in front of him and scooted down until her snatch lined up with his face. Santa proceeded to give Mrs. C her favorite feeling as he lapped up her womanly cider. He could feel Shinny sliding up behind him and paused for a moment while Shinny entered him. That was HIS favorite feeling: being between his two best friends for the “stroke” of midnight.

Shinny rocked in and out of Santa, thrusting against his P-spot while Santa paid the pleasure forward right into Mrs. C’s pussy. The pleasure was a triple mount as the clock ticked toward time to go. Santa started to feel Mrs. C’s clit pulse as her lips engorged around his lips. He stuck his tongue a bit further back and massaged her G-spot until she tensed up and grabbed his ears. Mrs. C skeeted juices onto Santa’s face. He closed his eyes, but at the same moment, he started to see stars. He got lightheaded and felt his lower stomach stirring. This was it. He reached back and touched Shinny’s fingers which were grabbing his ass. Shinny’s head was thrown back so that Santa could only see his throat and chin. Just the sight of this beautiful elf in the throes of ecstasy sent Santa over the edge and a load of peppermint jizz shot out and landed on Mrs. C’s chest. Santa came over and over and over. The assistant quickly hurried over to clean up Mrs. C. Using her tongue, she lapped up every drop. After having been edged for a year, Santa had a lot to give.

The clock struck midnight and Santa jumped up. He found a coat by the door and rushed home to get dressed. Shinny eyed the assistant one last time, winked at Mrs. C, and headed out the door after Santa. It was time to deliver the rest of the Christmas joys.

After the assistant was done cleaning the toys, the couch, and herself. She brought Mrs. C some milk and cookies.

“What was that all about? Do you do this every Christmas?” she asked as she dunked a cookie in her milk.

“But of course, dear. Where do you think the concept of spreading Christmas joy comes from?” Mrs. C smiled.

“But if he’s your husband, why doesn’t he live with you?”

“Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you own them. He’s happy with Shinny. I’m happy in my own place. And we are happy with our arrangement. It seems that you are quite happy with our arrangement as well. You finally opened up… in almost every way.”

The assistant looked down into her milk thoughtfully. Between the evening’s events, and the warm cookie milk combo, she was fighting to keep her eyes open.

“One more thing?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Why wouldn’t Shinny let Santa cum? It’s my favorite thing in the whole world! I would die if I couldn’t come!

“Well, dear, you are you. You can cum basically on command. That’s why you’re my assistant. But Santa is Santa. And Santa only cums once a year.”

The assistant never heard the response. She can learn that lesson next year.

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