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Fellatio Navidad: A Christmas Erotic Story - Part II - by Gläs

Fellatio Navidad - Part II

Last time…

The assistant was a curious one. Mrs. C found her in the back of the factory one night holding the motor from a broken toy between her legs. The assistant may have thought she was humiliated then, but it was nothing compared to how she felt when Mrs. C made her continue. She had never… continued before. It was always too intense. But this time, she had to do what her boss told her. It was so intense that she thought she was going to pee. And she couldn’t pee all over herself at work, in front of the boss lady. But she always did as she was told, and just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, she got dizzy and started to see stars. She could feel the muscles in her stomach tighten as everything inside her burst into a warm intense ecstasy. She stood there convulsing, eyes closed as aftershocks went through her body. When she finally calmed down, and her body stopped freaking out, she opened her eyes to a smiling, smug Mrs. C. Then she looked down. Her hand was wet. The motor was wet. Her clothes were wet. She had peed all over herself. Or… had she? She felt relief, like when she had to pee really badly and then finally found a bathroom, but it was 1000 times better than that.

“You squirted, dear,” Mrs. C said nonchalantly.

“Wha- What?” the assistant stammered.

“You. Squirted,” she repeated. “You had an orgasm and came in your pants. And you’re going to do it, again. While I watch, again.

That was ages ago. And now, the assistant’s only job was to squirt or make Mrs. C squirt. And she was very, very good at her job.

As the assistant peered through the window, she dug around blindly in the box on her bed. Not wanting to miss a single second of action, she felt her way through her joy box of toys until she found the one she craved at that moment. Inspired by Shinny’s long slow sensual lick on Santa, she pulled out the cool glass Lick-It dildo. Shaped and nubbed like a tongue, the toy had a perfect curl loop handle on the end. The assistant caressed the toy in her closed hands to warm it up. She let her head lean to the side as she watched the way Shinny enveloped Santa in sensual kisses before nibbling on his nipples and navel. She watched as he trailed his tongue down Santa’s body while mimicking the movement herself using the tongue-shaped dildo. While Shinny licked across Santa’s joystick, the assistant dipped the glass tongue into her natural wetness, noting how warm it had gotten. Using a bit of anal lube from her joy box, she slathered herself and the toy, and just as Shinny plunged his tongue deep into Santa’s north hole, she slid the toy into her own dripping puckered ass, feeling the nubs of the toy as they bumped their way inside her. In no time, she felt the warm hardness of the toy rub against her A-spot, sending a chill down her spine. She naturally closed her eyes in pleasure but forced them open again so she wouldn’t miss whatever Shinny did to Santa next. As Shinny bobbed in and out, the assistant pumped her booty to match tempo. She felt warmth as her body heated to the self-pleasuring. And then she felt a cold waft of air.

The assistant nipples stood at attention as she turned her head toward the direction of the breeze.

“M-Mrs. C! I- I- Ohh Ohhhh OOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” The assistant’s voice went from a hoot to a holler, and then she hushed. Humiliated, yet again, she sat on the side of the bed in a pool of lube and her own juices. The joy box contents had spilled out all over the bed. Panicked and mortified, she still couldn’t bring herself to look away from Shinny and Santa for very long.

Mrs. C coyly looked out of the window and then back at the assistant. She smirked as she looked at the bed, easily piecing together what was happening.

“You want to cum, dear?” Mrs. C asked sweetly. She took the glass dildo out of the assistant’s hand. “I bought you this box for my own pleasure. And yet, here you are without me. I’m not sure how much more generous I could be. But I’ll oblige. If you want to cum. Let’s make you cum.” She found a pair of red panties that were identical to the ones Shinny forced Santa to wear. Shinny and Mrs. C had bought them together when discussing their holiday plans. However, the red ones were for another time. She picked up the black ones instead.

“You know, the panties are perfect for you dear. They vibrate.”

Mrs. C handed the panties to the assistant and she quickly put them on. Mrs. C pulled the assistant toward her sensually, and slid her hand into her panties, feeling her hot juiciness. She began to rub up and down the assistant’s slit with something hard. Sliding it across her clit several times, Mrs. C watched the assistant’s face as it melted into an expression of wanton defeat. Mrs. C continued to rub the thing against the assistant, even though she was now so wet, it kept slipping out of her hand. The assistant started to breathe heavily, whimpering here and there. She kept her arms by her side, while Mrs. C patiently waited for any sign of passion about the incoming orgasm. The assistant was always quiet, and she never really tensed up. She just… came. All over everywhere. It was the most fascinating display to watch someone’s body be so overwhelmed with pleasure, while they showed no other signs of desire. And yet, the assistant never said no. Was eager even.

And just like that, the assistant spilled all over the bullet Mrs. C was holding in her hands, soaking the panties. Mrs. C smiled.

“That’s perfect, dear. Let’s have another, shall we?” The assistant could barely catch her breath before Mrs. C slid the bullet into the panties’ hidden compartment in the crotch. She slid her fingers into the assistant’s mouth. The assistant eagerly sucked all the juices from Mrs. C’s fingers.

“Turn around, dear.” Mrs. C used that same hand to pull the panties down, exposing a plump and perfect ass.

“Bend over, dear.” Mrs. C took the tongue dildo from her other hand, and slowly worked it into the assistant’s ass, applying more and more lube to ease the way. Making shallow strokes initially, she worked her hole until it was more open. She then plunged the toy as deep as it would go, twisting it left and right as she went in and out, and the assistant started to moan. Mrs. C smiled. The assistant had never moaned before. She was quite vocal in all other tasks, but when it came to pleasing and being pleased, she was quiet and easily embarrassed. But tonight, the assistant was moaning loudly. Mrs. C found the remote on the bed and clicked the button. The assistant’s panties began to vibrate and Mrs. C never skipped a beat with the anal plunging. The assistant, bent over in front of the window, had a perfect view of Santa and Shinny, but she couldn’t focus on them for the first time that night. She had never felt like this before. She could easily cum and she LOVED it. Her Mistress loved it. But it always felt very surface, like a really good dessert. She was voracious and craved a meal, and she was finally feeling like she would get what she needed.

Mrs. C continued her strong strokes while the vibrating panties buzzed against the assistant’s clit. The assistant’s knees buckled and she braced herself on the cold window. Her nipples rubbed against the icy panes and cooled down some of the heat she was feeling from within, but it did not stop the overwhelming whoosh moving through her body. She felt her eyes roll back as she got lightheaded. Her chest expanded and caved as she moaned louder and louder into a deep guttural scream. Her voice, hoarse, escaped her lips, as she simply said, “ Fuuuuuuuuu-!”

The assistant literally couldn’t get any words out. Out of breath, she got lightheaded and dizzy again, and her chest expanded quicker this time as she struggled to speak. She didn’t know what she needed to say, but those words were in her mouth trying to come out. High-pitched and still hoarse, she moaned louder and louder. Over and over, as soon as she could catch her breath, the assistant would brink on another orgasm, and Mrs. C was not letting up.

“P- p- please! Oh my god, I can’t! I-...” and as she began to plead her case against more stimulation, another orgasm flowed through her entire body. She was tired and so aroused. She wanted it to stop, but she didn’t ever want to stop. She didn’t know how much more she could take.

Mrs. C continued making her assistant cum for several hours. She finally decided to take a break for water, washing toys, and re-lubing and such when there was a knock at the door. Her assistant’s legs were far too wobbly to make it to the door, so Mrs. C answered it herself.

Santa stood in front of her with nothing on but a blindfold, X-nipple pasties, and a cock ring. She knew it was him because of the reindeer tattoo. That, and the fact that Shinny was standing behind him grinning with a red silicone flogger

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