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Never Cum Early Again: Edging Your Way This Nut Day - Guide to Glass by Gläs

Never Cum Early Again: Edging Your Way This Nut Day

Happy Nut Day!!!

This is the day we celebrate people who produce nuts with a huge thank you, because who doesn’t love a good nut? This eruptive occasion is about all things nut-related and is enjoyed the world over. Did you know that we humans have been swallowing nuts for almost a million years? Early man had evolved enough to use nutting tools and we, further evolved, have gone to the edge and back because we have now invented tools to stop nutting. 

How to Edge Your Nut

To stop nutting, or edging, as we sometimes call it, you need to understand how your nut load grows. In stage one, or, the excitement stage, there is some protrusion or maybe a little wetness. These are fundamental to growing a good robust nut. Next, there is what is referred to as the plateau. It’s an intense version of stage one where the protrusion of the stem is a bit firmer, or the nutbush forms more moisture. As the nut becomes fortified through rigorous and consistent commotion within its immediate environment, it builds momentum until it produces seed in large quantities, commonly known as an orgasm. Afterward, there is a resolution, or refractory period, where everything returns to its original size, color, and vitality.

The Plateau Stage

In order to stop nutting, or edging, you will need to focus on the height of the plateau stage. There comes a time in every nutter’s increasing excitement, where they realize that they will reach the tip of their titillation and the proof will come spewing forth, or trickling down, ending their exhilaration. To sustain this feeling of pleasure, it’s a common practice to resist crossing the finish line. This is what we call 'edging’. By bringing yourself to the brink (edge) of an explosive orgasm, and then waiting for the excitement to die down just a bit, you can not only prolong your current sexual engagement but also lengthen your stamina over time. Additionally, once you are allowed to bust a nut, either by yourself or by your partner(s), it will be a more intense experience and likely contain a lot more fluid.

How to Push It To The Limit

Edging can happen through several methods. Whether solo or partnered play, it requires concentration and discipline so that you know the right moment to stop. When edging alone, wait until you have time to focus on yourself, your surroundings, and what you will be doing. Set the mood with lights and music, and begin to focus on the parts of your body that feel good when touched. The trick here is to not be orgasm-centered but to allow yourself to feel pleasure in the parts of your body that won’t lead to immediate gratification. As you start to feel your arousal, pay attention to what feels good, and keep doing that until you need to stop to prevent orgasm. A Cock Ring With Ball Stretcher & Optional Weight Ring is a helpful tool for restricting orgasms.

Similarly, when edging with a partner, pay attention to their breath, movements, and feedback. Have them tell you, or show you, when something feels good so you can continue in that location with the same rhythm, speed, and intensity. When they let you know that they are ready to bust a nut, you can either stop completely or change what you’re doing to give their arousal time to go back to the plateau stage. You want to be intentional in the growth of a hearty nut so use a cock and ball ring along with the go-to techniques of the squeeze method and ballooning.

Squeeze Deez Nuts

The squeeze method of edging is fairly simple to execute. Bring your boo (or even yourself!) to the brink using fingers, toys, or even a Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo, and then squeeze the head of the penis to stop the orgasm. Wait about 30 seconds, and start over. You can do this as many times as you or your partner want. 

Pump Up The… Nut

The other well-known method of edging is called ballooning and this is specifically for people who struggle with premature ejaculation. Pick a particularly pleasurable place on your penis and stroke it gently with your finger in a circular motion, preferably with some lube to make it super sensual and slick. Keep going until you are just shy of blasting off and then stop. Wait until you are semi-soft and repeat. 

Feeling Blue

There are some concerns that edging can give you blue balls. But seriously? Have you ever met anyone who actually had their balls turn blue? It’s a real condition that comes from not cuming, but it’s also remedied the same way you pop your ears after a flight: squeeze your nose and blow out. In other words, edging won’t cause this situation, and in the highly researched unlikely event that it does, you will be fine.

Humans have studied how long it takes to grow a nut, what the easiest nut to grow is, and how many kinds of nuts there are. As you research your own nut, consider how edging contributes to the ongoing history of nuts, and remember to (almost) celebrate all day if you can.

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