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Fellatio Navidad - Part I - by Gläs

Fellatio Navidad - Part I


All the elves jumped. Santa was in a MOOD. He always got like this close to the 25th, and it was hell. There was so much to be done. So much pressure. The elves were already stressed out trying to complete all their tasks. They had been divided into teams. There were elves who washed the sleigh and polished the reins and bells. Some of the elves were in charge of the reindeer, making sure they were clean, fed, well-exercised, and well-rested, and that their hooves had proper shoeing. Many of the elves worked on decorations around the Pole, while still more made sure there was plenty to eat and drink. The biggest group of elves were working on The List, checking it twice to see which children should get toys and which ones would get a lump of coal. Santa never did ANYTHING to help. All he did was whine and complain and Shinny, Santa’s best friend, was annoyed.

I know how to shut him up. Shinny thought to himself with a smirk. He sank into the sleigh with some cookies he nabbed from the kitchen. He did a mental check of all the names on the toy list, and then considered all the toys that had been wrapped so far. Elf morale was low because Santa wouldn’t stop his nagging about every little thing. Every elf had been here doing the same then every Christmas for the last literal millennia. And every Christmas, Santa would stress everybody out, and Shinny would have to go put the fire out. The only thing different, this year, is that ever since Mrs. C decided she needed one of the baker elves to be her assistant, she wasn’t around as much to help calm Santa down. Oh well, Shinny thought, back to the grind.

“Oh, for North Pole’s sake! Why haven’t you gotten any further than this? We are leaving tonight! I don’t like this wrapping paper! And why are these bows like this? And didn’t this kid get the same thing last year? Let me see the list again! WHERE IS SHINNY?!!” Santa whined to no one in particular. Shinny looked at him, completely unbothered.

“Sit down.” Shinny’s voice was quiet, even, and calm. Santa hesitated but thought better of it. He didn’t want to upset Shinny, but he also didn’t want the other elves knowing about their “arrangement”. Santa sat down. He opened his mouth to complain more, but one look at Shinny’s face and he knew he was already doing too much.

“Where is your wife?” Shinny asked, intensely.

“She’s somewhere with her assistant like she always is. I don’t know why they always have so much work to do. I never see her anymore. And I don’t even know if she finished the--”

Santa stopped abruptly after seeing the look on Shinny’s face. Realizing he spoke way more than he had permission to, he took a deep breath and waited. Shinny peered at him and Santa stiffened his posture. Shinny stared at Santa, while Santa sat with a straight back, looking at the floor.

“Go to your room,” was all Shinny said. Santa, embarrassed that the other elves may have seen or heard this exchange, slumped out of the toy factory with a whimper. He headed to his room, along the way looking into the other rooms to see if he could catch a glimpse of Mrs. C anywhere.

When he got to his room, he took off his snow boots and left them by the door. Calling it a “room” was a serious understatement. It was a beautiful nordic loft studio with a slanted A-frame ceiling, cozy fur rugs on the teak wooden floors, and a roaringly warm fireplace adorned with small stockings with the names of each elf embroidered. It was an enormous version of what everyone else’s living quarters looked like, but he didn’t have to share - not even with Mrs. C. He used to, but Shinny stopped allowing that ages ago. Still, she was his other best friend, and even though she lived next door in an equally impressive loft studio, it just wasn’t the same. Especially lately, since she got her new assistant. Santa sulked in front of the fire. He was always stressed about everything getting done in time. Would HE be done in time? Shinny had been project manager for a few thousand years now, and he never dropped the ball. Santa rolled this around in his mind for a while, still worried. He had begun to doze when a loud thud startled him to his core.

“Sugar Fairy! Why aren’t you kneeling by the door waiting to greet me?” Shinny thundered. Santa groggily stripped down to the tight red vibrating panties Shinny forced him to wear, and made his way over to the door and knelt.

“I’m sorry. I was just so tired! You know those elves on the reindeer haven’t even finished with their shoes? And they can’t find one of the reins! What if --”

“I see you have decided to take liberties with your mouth this Christmas, but I have much better uses for your chatterbox,” Shinny interrupted. He pulled a black ball gag out of his bag, and after a moment, changed his mind and got a red ball gag out, strapping it around Santa’’s head. He set the rest of his things down and slid his hand softly down Santa’s cheek giving him a hard love tap on his face. He slapped him a few more times before trailing his hand down to his chest where he tweaked one of Santa’s nipples. Santa whimpered, lowering his gaze.

“Do you want these,” Shinny smirked, holding up a pair of nipple tweezers. Santa nodded yes as Shinny clipped Santa’s left nipple. He let it dangle for a bit while he knelt down and licked Santa’s right nipple, letting his tongue flicker over the cool bud before giving it a light suck. As the nipple rose, he thumbed it a bit and then gave a hard pull. Santa winced and returned his gaze to the floor. Shinny put the other tweezer on the nipple, tugging the chain in between to see how securely attached they were.

“Tonight is a very special night. You know that. And every year, you do everything you can to make me mad. Why do you like pissing me off, Sugar Fairy?”

Santa said nothing, eyes glued to the teak planks on the floor.

Shinny walked over to his bag and began pulling things out and laying them on the table by the door. He liked playing by the door. Sometimes the cold arctic air would blow hard enough to creep in through the cracks, adding just enough chill to intensify their scene. Tonight would be different. When he finished laying out all his toys, Shinny opened the door.

The icy gust of air was a shock to Santa, but not as much as realizing that anyone could see him naked but for a pair of lacy panties, a ball gag, and nipple tweezers. He was mortified. His nipples stood at their peak in the cold as his dick shrunk in the too-small panties. He attempted to plea with Shinny with his eyes but considered that he was in this position because of how disobedient he had been earlier. He couldn’t do anything but moan anyway. He lowered his eyes, shoulders slumped.

“Good. You understand,” Shinny said softly as he closed the door slowly, inviting the last bits of the breeze inside. He slapped what was left of Santa’s cock with his hand and laughed. “Nobody can even find that gingerbread man dick of yours!”

Santa, humiliated and freezing cold, displayed the rosy cheeks he is known for.

“Atta boy.” Shinny walked over to Santa with a riding crop and spanked him hard a few times. Unsatisfied, he switched the crop for a flogger. After trailing Santa’s shoulders and back softly a few times, FWAP! He swung the flogger through the air again, and again, making red marks all over Santa’s back and ass. Shinny stood back and admired his work. He stopped to pour a glass of water while watching the red marks slowly disappear. He knew Santa would have to get off his knees soon. After all, he wasn’t a young whippersnapper anymore. He poured another glass of water. For now, Santa could wait.

Shinny held up his leather harness, admiringly. He stripped out of his clothes, and slowly pulled on his leather pants and boots. He found a cock ring in his pocket and had a chuckle to himself. Putting his harness on, he walked over to Santa and pulled his panties down just enough to expose his still shriveled dick. He spit in his hand and coaxed Santa’s dick to life. Santa’s head lolled back at the pleasure, even though he knew it would be short-lived. Shinny would not allow him to cum. Just as Santa started to feel a tingling sensation in his balls, Shinny slapped his dick and laughed. Santa’s dick did a little jump in Shinny’s hand. Shinny put the cock ring on Santa’s dick and used a chain and clip to connect it to the nipple tweezers. He teased Santa’s dick a bit more, letting his finger trace across the head. As Santa’s dick stood erect, it pulled on his nipple rings. Once again, Santa winced.

“All fours!” Shinny barked. Santa, who was starting to get lightheaded, allowed himself to fall forward so that he was on all fours. This of course made Santa’s chain pull on his dick and nipples and he moaned a bit. He wasn’t sure if it was painful or if he liked it, or both.

Picking up the flogger again, Shinny slapped Santa across the ass a few times and then reached into another pocket. He clicked a button and Santa’s panties began to vibrate against his perineum. It was almost too much. Immediately, his dick stood at attention and tugged even more at his nipples which were on fire. Shinny opened the door.

Along with a wintry chill that only North Polers know, was a very amused Mrs. C and her jumpy assistant.

“Well, you both look very busy,” she laughed. Her assistant, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, looked back and forth from Shinny to Santa several times, finally looking at Mrs. C.

“See something you like?” Mrs. C asked the assistant coyly. The assistant smiled nervously and put her head down. “We’ll leave you to it, but please don’t make him late.” With that, Mrs. C turned around with a sultry strut and headed next door. The assistant took one last glance as Shinny closed the door.

Looking at his watch, Shinny turned up the speed on the vibrator. Santa gasped. He was so close to coming, but he couldn’t with the cock ring on. Shinny looked at his watch one more time before shutting off the vibrator and ripping the panties off. Santa, bewildered, wasn’t sure how to feel. He needed to cum so badly. It had been nearly a year, and he was almost there had it not been for the cock ring. Shinny took the nipple tweezers off and watched the color return to Santa’s tiny rosebuds. He removed the ball gag, daring Santa to look him in the eye. Pleased with Santa’s discipline, Shinny allowed him to sit on the fur rug while his erection went down. Using a bit of silicone-based anal lube, Shinny wiggled the cock ring off Santa.

Shinny kissed Santa deeply and passionately, sticking his tongue down his throat. When Santa opened up for air, Shinny sucked on his tongue and wrapped a strong but controlled hand around Santa’s throat. He laid Santa down gently on the fur rug and continued to kiss him as though his life depended on it. Santa ran his hands up and down Shinny’s back while simultaneously wrapping one leg around Shinny. Shinny nibbled at his Santa’s lip and jaw, never letting go of his throat, but stopping every few minutes to lock eyes with Santa. He slid down Santa’s naked body to tease his nipples with his mouth. Santa arched his back and rolled his eyes up as his mouth opened in the purest desire. Shinny licked a circle around Santa’s navel a couple of times before trailing his tongue down over Santa’s cheeky reindeer tattoo just above his dick.

In a straight line, Shinny licked from the top of the base of Santa’s shaft, over the tip to the bottom of his shaft, in between his balls and across his perineum before plunging his tongue deep in Santa’s ass. Santa’s feet curled in the air as he gripped Shinny’s hands tightly on either side of him. Shinny, comfortable on his stomach, continued to gorge himself on Santa’s puckered ass. Santa moaned from deep within his soul, knowing that this was a feeling that was so intense he couldn’t put a name on it. He also knew that as much as he wanted to come, this wouldn’t get him there. Shinny would suck on his ass for a while as a form of the best torture he knew. Santa wept because it just felt so good.

Santa and Shinny were lost in their world of pleasure, so they didn’t notice the face peering at them from the window next door...

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