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Kama Sutra for Gay Couples

An Illustrative Guide to Kama Sutra Positions for Gay Couples

This One’s For the Gays

The Kama Sutra is often thought of as being the pseudo "Sex Bible" wherein ancient Indian religion, analogies on relationships and courtship, and sexual advice create their own kind of trinity for how people can lead fruitful, fulfilling lives that follow the ancient Indian perspective of “Godliness”.

Now, from a gay perspective, it is historically safest to approach anything to do with organized religious text with an air of caution. But history is exactly where we need to look to see how the Kama Sutra and Indian society viewed homosexuality.

Colonial Values

A brief history lesson: India, like most countries colonized by the west during the 17-1800s, never viewed homosexuality as a negative or anything blasphemous. The very ethos of sexuality in Indian culture had been very liberal before colonization by the British. During this time, works like the Kama Sutra categorized homosexual relationships among other types of relationships and even referenced long-term relationships between men in a positive light. Even classical epics such as The Mahābhārata featured trans characters as heroic protagonists and made reference to same-sex relationships. It was not until Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay ( sarcasm. please note how Indian that name is) enacted the Indian Penal code of section 377 in 1860 that homosexuality was considered blasphemous in Indian society. Up until then, and even after the law was finally overturned in 2018, Indian culture and works such as the Kama Sutra embraced the concept of non-binary sexuality.

That being said, the Kama Sutra has gotten a bad reputation from its poor initial translation favoring sections that an 1800’s western tabloid audience would find “scandalous” or “exotic”, and conveniently forgot the parts about humanizing women and homosexuals. We’re here to highlight the parts of the Kama Sutra that were overlooked in the initial western publishing, aka: the sexy gay stuff.

Here are five of the hottest, gayest positions from the Kama Sutra your English translation left out!

1. Pair of Tongs

Pair of Tongs Kama Sutra Position

Looking for an opportunity to power bottom? This is the position for you! Commonly referred to as “The Cowgirl/ Cowboy” this position puts the “bottom” on top by having the “top” lay on their back and saddling up on that D! This position allows for deeper penetration of the bottom as their weight can be more centrally distributed to the bottom’s pelvis, causing a deeper penetration.

It also allows for more opportunities for domination play and role-switching, as it gives the bottom control of the thrusting, depth, and speed of the action. You can amplify this domination play by tying your “top” with Shibari Rope or Bedspreaders to really “ride home” the role reversal.

The traditional name of this position comes from the way the legs of the “bottom” squeeze the top as they ride them up and down, also allowing for the top to “squeeze” their legs to control the thrusting.

2. Kshiraniraka or Milk and Water Embrace

Kshiraniraka or Milk and Water Embrace Kama Sutra Position

This position is a variation of the Pair of Tongs, however in this rendition, the “top” is seated in a chair with the “bottom” riding them face to face and the “bottom's” feet perched behind the top in a squat position. This pose stretches the “bottom’s” groin, allowing for their sphincter to spread more easily and their testicles to contract with more range when they ejaculate from the extreme pleasure of this position.

For added support, have your “bottom” use a Position Pal or Ankle Restraints to keep them securely saddled.

3. Congress of a Crow

Congress of a Crow Kama Sutra Position

The number that makes everyone go “nice”. You probably know this as 69-ing, but the traditional name of this position refers to the back-and-forth motion and open mouths required of both participants to thoroughly deep-throat each other’s Ds. This congress is in session when one partner lays facing down on top of the other partner with their heads and feet in opposite directions. Both partners then engage in fellating the other one, whether it’s tea-bagging, salad tossing, or giving a ballad to the pink karaoke machine, you can mix and match whatever you want to put your mouth on down there to give your partner the most pleasurable reaction.

You can enhance this position by popping a pacifier or a juicer into your partner while dribbling on the D to fully explore the range of stimulation they can handle.

4. Splitting Bamboo

Splitting Bamboo Kama Sutra Position

We have explored this position in our past article on Kama Sutra, but this position deserves a repeat mention in the Gay Illustrated Guide to Kama Sutra as well as this position most accurately and deeply penetrates the P-Spot.

For this position, the “bottom” should be laying on their back or side with one leg down and one leg up. The “top” should bare down on the “bottom” with the “bottom’s” raised leg braced over the shoulder of the top. The “top” can then slide in and out of the “bottom” in a knelt position, or for even deeper penetration (and ensuring that the “bottom” is comfortable and flexible enough for this) can push the raised leg of the bottom against them and move in and out with a push-up motion. This position is known for both the incredible depth you can get inside the “bottom” as well as giving both parties the best view of the penetrating action.

5. Congress of a Cow

Congress of a Cow Kama Sutra Position

For our 401 players out there, this congress is a much more difficult, but also much more lively variation of Splitting Bamboo. This position involves both parties standing with the “bottom” in an “almost cartwheel” pose as the “top” penetrates them from a standing position with one leg on the ground and the other leg on the “bottom’s” shoulder.

This position is truly a test to the athletic abilities of both involved, but also allows for both top and bottom to exert thrust on one another with the “bottom” pushing their body with their arms toward the top, and the “top” bearing down on the “bottom” for the deepest possible penetration.

6. The Rowing Boat

The Rowing Boat Kama Sutra Position

This one is not for the faint of heart nor those with shaky muscles. Starting at the CLOSE UP position above, the one penetrating will slowly sit up so that their knees are bent. The one being penetrated will lean back with their legs bent, but they will be outside of their partner’s legs. This way, they can wrap their legs around the penetrating partner’s body. Each of them should hold hands after slipping their arms under each other’s knees.

This move requires some serious flexibility and a lot of heart. Remember that sex pillows are always an option for support and that you can have your own variation. Maybe try this on your sides so gravity doesn’t make you pull the wrong muscle.

7. The Hinge

The Hinge Kama Sutra Position

There are a couple of ways to approach this one. Partner A - the one being penetrated, can get on their elbows and knees. Partner B should get behind them with one knee bent on the bed, and the other in the air (like proposing, but that’s not a ring in their hand). From here, partner B can penetrate partner A.

The other way to get into this position is for Partner B to enter Partner A and have Partner A lean back into the position. In both cases, the work is split evenly. Use pillows to support Partner B, either behind the thighs, or behind the back depending on how much work Partner A is putting in. It’s also to everyone’s advantage if Partner A arches their back.

This position can be medium to difficult depending on your build and stamina. Stretching would be a really good idea here.

8. The Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain Kama Sutra Position

This position can be pretty fun. Especially if you’re having a date night in and you’ve built a fort. Of course, you’d have to tear down part of your fort to conquer this mountain, but that’s part of the fun. First, stack some of your firmest pillows so that you can both comfortably lean on them without toppling. The partner being penetrated will kneel down and lean on the pillows first. The partner penetrating will kneel down behind them with their legs on the outside. This is counterintuitive but adds that extra bang. This is one of the easiest positions in the Kama Sutra, and it’s ideal for non-penetrative sex. Use your hands and your imagination to reach the promised land.

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