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Getting to know your Female Erogenous Zones - Gläs Blog

Meet Lady Labia and Countess Clitoris: Getting to know your Female Erogenous Zones

Fumbling the Foreplay?

We’re going to assume you know the basics. You’ve met someone who razzles your dazzle. After getting consent, you’re ready to make some noise. You could jump straight into pounding on the pussy OR you could show that you know what you’re doing. Foreplay is important for all parties involved but for THIS article, we’re focusing on the female erogenous zones: the what, the where, and the how.


Let’s start off with the female erogenous zones you already know. The ones that, when you hit the spot, you KNOW your partner will hit the roof… or at the very least, gasp. Kissing allows you to get to the first erogenous spot on the female body. The lips are hypersensitive, so even light rubbing or licking can be arousing. However, the lips are special in that they can take a bit of pressure and that, too, can be just as arousing. From the lips, we can move to the ears which are incredibly sensual. Anything from a tickle to a nibble can get the juices flowing.

Moving on to the neck from the ears is one of the most natural flows. As an oft sought hot spot, this female erogenous zone is shared by just about everyone with a neck. It’s easy to get the juices stirring with just a few kisses and nibbles. There are those that like to suck on the neck which can be super hot but keep it within reason. Hickeys stop being cute when they become a medical issue.

If you (or your tongue or fingers) choose to travel a bit further, the next obvious hot spot would be the nipples and breasts. The nipples are highly sensitive. So much so, that even cool air can make a nipple stand at attention. Kisses, nipples, and suckling are the typical go-to's, but you can also get friskier with pinching, tugging, and clamping. This is possible on this female erogenous zone, in particular, because the skin of the areola around the nipple doesn’t have as much sensitivity. Just beyond the areola, however, the skin because sensitive again. Light caresses go a long way here, and if don’t correctly, can lead to nipplegasms or blended orgasms.

From there, it’s straight to the meat and potatoes. The clit is ground zero for making a female body cum. Some people experience clitoral stimulation differently from others so it’s best to ask your partner what they like, but in general, direct stimulation will bring the big O. An extension of that feeling is tapping into the G-spot. As with the clitoris, stimulating the G-Spot is a sure-fire way to get a female body off… if you can find it. The information has changed over the years, from it being mythical to hard to find to bigger than we ever imagined. The best way to actually KNOW is to get in there and explore, whether on yourself or others. Using a toy specifically designed for targeting the G-spot is a surefire way to b-line to simulation heaven, and can help you learn where your partner’s trigger points are. 


The back of the knee and the inner elbow of your arm are incredibly sensitive female erogenous zones. If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo or had someone tickle you in those spots, then you know. Caresses, kisses, and nibbles are the appropriate touch here because they are some of the most sensitive parts of the body. 

Tickling the tummy might not be for everyone, but touching the tummy in just the right way can be arousing for some people. Be sure to ask your partner what they like, because the tummy can be incredibly ticklish and that is not a positive feeling for all bodies. Kneading the belly can be an alternative way to awaken the loins so be sure to have this thrown into your consent convo.

Just about everyone has heard of a foot fetish, and as we’ve covered, a fetish is a stimulus that a person needs in order to have what they might consider “good sex”. The good news is, you can enjoy feet without it being a fetish. Sucking a toe while stimulating a nipple or clit is not unheard of, and while there’s nothing wrong with having a kink or fetish, experimenting doesn’t automatically turn you into a deviant. Enjoy the feet.

One female erogenous zone that goes unspoken is the armpit. Before you make that weird face – yes, that one – consider how sensitive the armpit is. Similar to the backs of knees and the bottom of feet, this level of sensitivity translates well into surprising titillation. It is also a hyper sensitive area for temperature play, making it a great area for using textured and heated or cooled glass toys. If you’re vanilla and just trying it out, go for some licks on clean skin. If you want to throw a bit more kink into the mix, tickling or unwashed pits can be what you’re looking for.


Let’s be honest here. Before we touch each other or even have the conversation, we know that we are in the mood. It starts in the mind. Having a conversation doesn’t even have to be about sex itself, but exchanging ideas while subtly flirting can be the best foreplay. A sapiosexual is defined as someone who is around by intelligence. In this case, the most powerful female erogenous zone is the mind. 

The best thing about female erogenous zones is that you don’t have to pick just one. Combining sex conversation, a gentle suckle, and a well-placed thumb can bring about the most ravishing orgasms. Just don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

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