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Position Pal


Play your position with the Position Pal Bondage Accessory. This playful restraint system device can be used as a restraint or a support. Either way, it's your new bestie. As a restraint or as a support, it uses your body against itself to hold your body in place. Versatile and flexible, use your imagination to kinkiest abilities and go wild. Your partner will thank you, then spank you. A satin blindfold is included so you can't see what (or who) is coming.

  • Adjustable ankle cuffs
  • Padded head rest
  • Satin Blindfold
  • Phthalates-free POM


Try angles and positions you never dreamed of! These support/restraint set allows you to comfortably hold your body in poses for longer periods of time. Throw your legs over your partner's shoulders like the star of the show. Use the harness to balance the weight of your limbs against your neck. Creativity counts here, so go all in… or let your partner go all in you.