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Celebrate This Valentine's Day with Gläs - 25% Off Sitewide (Ends on 14th Feb)
Glass Anal Sex Toys - Why It's So Good - A Guide to Glass by Gläs

Glass Anal Sex Toys - Why It's So Good

Many people who shy away from anal play have something in common: they have never tried it. But quite often, those who decide to give anal play a try quickly find out how pleasurable it is. 

Anal sex toys, including butt plugs, are available in a variety of materials — from metal to silicone. And users of glass anal toys enjoy them for the way they look as well as the way they feel. Glass anal toys, many of which are transparent, are aesthetically pleasing; users often love their gorgeous, stylish designs. But equally important are the sensations they give users when inserted. Glass anal toys have a smoother surface than their metal or silicone counterparts, and that smoothness is one of the things that users appreciate. 

Glass butt plugs come in different shapes and sizes, including beginner-friendly sizes. Users who are new to anal play might want to start out with the beginner-friendly sizes but explore other sizes as they become more experienced. And for users who want to combine anal exploration with BDSM/fetish play, some glass butt plugs are available with a tail made of fur attached.

Butt plugs are not the only anal toys that work well with a glass design. Others range from anal beads to dildos.

Glass anal toys are safe to use

A common question asked by novices who are exploring anal play for the first time is: are anal toys made of glass safe to insert? And the answer is “yes” because typically, the glass used to create anal toys is a sturdy, strong, rugged type of glass. And the flat base/tapered tip design associated with glass anal toys is great from a safety standpoint.  

It’s important to understand that not all glass is created equal. Some types of glass are much more durable than others, and high-quality glass anal toys are often made from a type of glass called borosilicate — which is known for being stronger than soda lime. Gläs manufactures butt plugs and dildos that are made of 100% premium borosilicate glass.

However, the strength of glass toys is not only determined by the type of glass that is used, but also, by the process known as “annealing” — which exposes the glass to very high temperatures in order to make it stronger. Glass that has been annealed correctly is often exposed to temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius, and this is done to release stresses from the glass’ surface. 

Glass anal toys come in a variety of styles to choose from 

Users have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing glass anal toys. Although clear, transparent glass anal toys are quite popular, they aren’t the only design option. Anal toys, from butt plugs to dildos, also come in black, blue, purple, and other colors. Gläs offers butt plugs and dildos in a variety of colors as well as different sizes.

Gläs’ glass butt plugs are available in 3.5" and 4" options and its glass dildos can be anything from 6" to 8", depending on the user’s preference and level of experience.

Glass anal toys are beginners-friendly 

Because there are so many options when it comes to glass anal toys, beginners might wonder what a good starting point would be — and beginner-friendly glass options for butt plugs typically offer a smoother feel and smaller, easy-to-insert options around 3.5" or 4", and a beaded or teardrop shape. Lubricants work well with a wide range of butt plugs, adding to the smoothness of a beginner-friendly experience — and glass anal toys can be warmed to increase the comfort even more. Gläs’ three-piece Glass Anal Trailing Set offers three butt plugs of different sizes, ranging from 4" (a great starting point) to 5" to a 5½" option for users as they become more experienced.

Glass anal toys are hygienic and easy to clean 

Keeping glass anal toys clean is essential, and thankfully, they are not hard to clean at all. Because glass is nonporous, it is easy to sterilize glass butt plugs or glass dildos and keep them clean. Antibacterial sex toy cleaners work well with glass toys.

Explore backdoor temperature play with glass anal toys 

One of the myths about glass anal toys is that they are inherently cold, but in fact, glass has no problem picking up body heat and maintaining it — and temperature play is a major reason why lovers of glass butt plugs and glass dildos are attracted to them. Glass anal toys can be gently heated with warm water before insertion, giving them a delightfully comfortable feeling. And after they are inserted, body heat can help glass dildos or butt plugs maintain warmth. 


Glass anal toys offer numerous benefits. And the more one learns about them, the more one realizes how much pleasure they can provide.

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