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Free Shipping on $50+ Orders

Travel Douche


Take this Travel Douche with you on your pleasure journey as the hygiene essential you need to ensure comfortable and complete enjoyment of your backdoor play. This compact-sized Travel Douche is designed to be discreet enough to be packed away in your bag, suitcase or purse and taken anywhere that pleasure takes you. The Travel Douche features a squeezable bulb and two attachable heads that are flexible to provide comfort during use. The insertable head is designed to evenly spray water for a thorough cleaning. This douche can hold 30 ml of water that is easily pulled into the bulb with a simple squeeze.

  • Compact, discreet size
  • Flexible head for comfort
  • Sprays evenly for thorough cleaning
  • Can hold up to 30 ml of water
  • Palm-sized squeezable bulb
  • Beginners-friendly
  • Perfect for all genders