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Are Glass Dildos Safe? - Guide to Glass by Gläs

Are Glass Dildos Safe?

Just like the stunning crystal figurines that you can’t help but stare at a gift shop, glass dildos have a similar allure — however, like a gift shop’s “you break, you buy” sign suggests, there’s an unavoidable worry about breaking your glass dildo. But, unlike a decorative figurine, glass dildos are made to not only be visually stunning, but also incredibly functional as well.

If the thought of using a glass dildo sends you into a panic over whether it’s going to shatter into pieces inside of you, then we’re here to tell you that you have nothing to worry about; and with this guide, we hope to ease your mind with some facts and information about the safety of glass dildos.

When you’re shopping for glass dildos, it’s important to be aware of the qualities of this unique material, as well as being informed about the different variations of glass that exist. When you’re aware of what makes glass safe to use and how to have the best experiences with glass toys, then you can make better choices when you shop.

Of course, if you’re shopping Glas’ selection of glass dildos, then you must know a thing or two about quality glass products — because that’s what we specialize in!  But enough about us, here is some useful information to consider when you’re shopping for glass dildos.

Not All Glass Is Equal

Unlike the glass that your windows are made from, the glass that is used to make pleasure products is borosilicate glass that is a solid sculpture rather than it being a shell of glass that’s hollow inside such as a glass cup. These solid pieces are shatterproof and are made to also be resistant in more extreme temperatures. Like Pyrex glass cookware, glass dildos are made to last long and are made to be used regularly.

Nevertheless, Pyrex is not a type of glass, but rather a brand; and nowadays the Pyrex is said not even use borosilicate glass anymore and that may not be the reason why Pyrex is no longer a reputable brand of glass products. Glass — no matter if it’s borosilicate or soda lime — if it’s manufactured poorly, will not be safe to use and is easier to damage. When you’re purchasing glass toys, it’s important to shop from a reputable source; and be weary of prices because a cheap glass toy might be on the lower end of the pricing scale, but it likely won’t last you and even worse, could be dangerous.

The Difference Between Annealed and Tempered Glass

In the process of making glass dildos, they go through a process known as “annealing,” which is intended to remove residual internal stresses that can happen as they are being made. In the annealing process, some type of glass items will be cooled by machinery and others will be allowed to cool down naturally. Annealing helps to make a glass dildo more resistant by relieving stress, however it doesn’t ensure the glass’ safety or strength.

An added step that glass dildos undergo is known as tempering. In this step of the glass-making process, glass is toughened through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling — and this makes it much harder and stronger than normal glass, allowing to stand up to 470 degrees.

Will a Glass Dildo Break While in Use?

In general, no a glass dildo will never break while you’re using it. Even a cheaply made glass toy will typically be safe to use — however we don’t recommend taking that chance. When you purchase your glass toy from a reputable brand such as Glas, then you can use your glass dildo with the peace of mind of knowing you’re using a safe, high-quality toy.

Weaknesses in Glass

To ensure a safe experience with your glass dildo, look out for weaknesses from glass, which can be caused by different factors. First of all, if you’ve dropped your glass dildo, it’s best to retire it. Even if you can’t see any cracks, they could still be there and you certainly don’t want them around your body.

Toys that have very thin design elements should also be avoided because they run the risk of breaking. Poorly made glass sex toys might also have added texture or bumps that aren’t part of the toy as a solid and can be dangerous. Always check your glass sex toy to ensure everything is sturdy and safe to use.

In Conclusion — Yes, Glass Dildos Are Safe

Although there may be several factors that can affect the safety of your glass dildo, when you shop from a reliable source such as Glas, you can expect a quality item that was made with your wellbeing in mind. When you inspect your toy as we’ve suggested prior to use, you can feel even better about enjoying the unique sensation that only glass can provide.

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