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How to have a Blended Orgasm - Gläs Glass Dildos and Buttplugs

How to have a Blended Orgasm

Oh! OH!

Exactly. Just like that. We’re here today to talk about the blended orgasm that will have you “O’ing” all over the place. Quite literally, if you’re lucky, and we are here to get you going!

The G-spot in a person with a vulva can be stimulated to orgasm, producing a deep and intensely full pleasurable feeling, kind of like listening to heavy bass in music. On the other hand, stimulating a clitoris to an orgasm is comparable to hitting the high notes in the chorus at that one part of the song that everyone knows. When both of these orgasms happen at the same time, they make beautiful music together. This is called the blended orgasm and will have you hitting your high notes and singing praises.

First Things First: Finding the G-Spot

Finding the g-spot isn’t a myth. There’s actually a roadmap to finding the treasure. Go 2-3 inches in and tap the ceiling. When you get to the slightly rougher surface (think: walnut or the roof of your mouth, in terms of texture), you’ve hit it. The easiest way to find the g-spot is while already aroused and you can get that going by starting with the clit. It’s MUCH larger than we originally thought, so while focusing on the visible nub we all know and love, consider that the clitoris can be massaged from various angles, and with different pressures.

Tools for Finding Your Blended Orgasm

To achieve the double - O blended orgasm, you will want to position yourself to have direct access to your partner. Start by arousing your partner through kissing and touching various erogenous zones. Find the aroused and lubed clitoris, and flick, tap, suck or stroke it.

Using a toy like the Gläs 8” Ribbed G-Spot Glass Dildo or the Double Trouble Purple Dildo, slide in to apply pressure to the g-spot. When their hill comes alive, you will soon hear the sound of music.

Another position for reaching the blended orgasm is the crowd favorite: doggystyle. While penetrating your partner from behind, slip a textured toy like the 6” Lick-it Glass Dildo or the Purple Rose Nubby Dildo across their pearled pucker. If you want to really heighten the senses, try warming or cooling a lubed Gläs Yoni Egg and applying pressure to the clit in a rhythmic, circular motion.

Up the Intimacy

When you are looking for more intimacy with your bended orgasm, try a spooning position with your partner. This gives you more access to pinch nipples, kiss earlobes, and suck on necks while sliding a curved toy such as the Orange Tickler Glass Dildo or the 6” Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo in and out while using your thumb to tickle the clit.

Try 69ing with your partner to achieve a mutual blended orgasm. With both partners on their side, they can use inner thighs as pillows. From there, it’s easy to get creative. You can use a toy like the Spiral Staircase Full Tip Dildo to penetrate while you munch the mound, or you can use fingers to insert while rubbing the Glass Naturals Chili Pepper Dildo across the clit. If you’re flying solo, we’ve got you covered. Lay on your back, with a few pillows under you to give you a bit of an angle. Slip a 7" Curved Glass G-Spot Stimulator in to stimulate your g-spot while using your fingers to rub your nub to glory. The blended orgasm is so accessible that you could literally switch by using your fingers on your g-spot and a toy on your clit to achieve an amazing OH!

Finish Them! Reaching Your Blended Orgasm

While reaching your blended orgasm can be tricky, it doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly complicated. The number one thing to remember is to relax. You can help the process by breathing deeply to stimulate the vagus nerve, and let’s be honest. Deep breaths were always going to be a part of the process, especially after. You may also want to consider that you are mixing all the right ingredients for squirting, so be prepared with a towel (or a rain coat if you’re confident).

If you really want to extend the pleasure, try edging. You can do this yourself or with a partner. Just as the excitement starts to build, slow down and relax on the speed or pressure. You can even completely stop for a few moments. You can do this a few times to really build up the sensation, but be prepared. When you are ready for your blended orgasm, remember to start slow and easy with a massage on any part of the clitoral organ. Reach in with a finger or toy to find your g-spot, breathing deeply. As you start to feel that strong and deep throbbing sensation, shift some of your focus to the clit, and tap tap tap tap: BOOM!

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