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The Best Sex Toys for Men and How to Use Them - Gläs

The Best Sex Toys for Men and How to Use Them

I know, shocking, right? Sex toys aren’t just for people with vulvas! There’s a whole industry of sex toys for people with penises and butts and we’re going to talk about it.

Male Masturbators

For starters, you need to decide what part of your body you want to stimulate. If you’re into penis stimulation, you have a choice in the kind of sex toys you may want. Most people are familiar with masturbators. These sex toys for men are commonly referred to as pussy pockets, fleshlights, and strokers. There are many manifestations of this kind, but essentially, these sex toys for men feature a tube-like shape with a squishy, fleshy material made for you to insert your dick. Some of them create a suction when you pull on them, adding more than just friction to the sensation.

Anal Sex Toys

If you’re just getting started in anal play, you should start with a self-exploration using lube and your fingers. When you’re ready for the next level, try anal beads. Anal beads are great sex toys for men because they are small enough for beginner play, but a solid investment into your rump romp research because they can be just as enjoyable after you’re accustomed to bigger endeavors. Anal beads come in different sizes like the Hustler Seamless Silicone Anal Beads which come with 3-bead, 6-bead, and 9-bead options. After anal beads, you will be ready to graduate to an anal training set. These are typically made of glass like the Gläs Anal Training Set or made of silicone like the Hustler 3 Piece Anal Training Set. These sets are perfect for gradually getting comfortable with taking toys that give you a full and pleasurable feeling.

Prostate Stimulation Toys

If you are looking to stimulate your prostate, the sex toys for men that you’re going to need are prostate massagers. A prostate massager can be like any vibrator or dildo you’ve seen that was made for a vagina, but there are a couple of distinct differences. One element is that the toy is curved so that it targets the P-spot like in the Gläs Pure Indulgence or the Orange Tickler dildos. The other feature is that prostate massagers are designed to prevent the toy from going up too far and getting stuck. It is for this specific reason that you should never use toys designed for vaginal play as anal toys. The 5” Glass Juicer is a perfect example of such a toy, as is the Powercocks 7” Slim Anal Vibrator. Many toys have a loop on the end like the Gläs 6” Lick-It so that it is easy to control the depth with engaged in anal play. If you are browsing online or in a store and you can see the aforementioned features, then they are very likely sex toys for men or, at least, designed with men in mind.

Akin to the prostate massager style of sex toys for men are anal toys. These are toys that are specifically made to stimulate the anus. Some men derive pleasure from deep plunges that stimulate the P-spot while others are more turned on by the sensation of squeezing their anal opening around various textures as seen on the Pacifier Butt Plug or the Quintessence Beaded Anal Slider. If you’re new to shopping for sex toys for men, it can be easy to confuse a prostate massager with an anal toy and this is simply because many of them overlap in features. For example, the 5” Curved Glass Beaded dildo has the prostate massager elements of being curved and having a large end to prevent it from getting lost, but it also has the beaded element of the anal toy that allows sensations upon entry and exit. And, of course, there are some sex toys for men that work double-time by being double-ended like the 8” Ribbed G-Spot and the 10” Mr. Swirly Double Ended Glass Dildo & Butt Plug. Both of these sex toys for men have one end that is curved for prostate massage, lots of texture for anal stimulation, and a feature that stops it from sliding too far.

Cock and Ball Play

After you have explored a bit, and want to get into something a little kinkier, experiment with some cock and ball play toys. Start off slow and easy with a simple cock ring and work your way through the variations of cock rings like the 3 Ring Gates of Hell or the Duo Cock and Ball Ring with Lock. It’s possible to get into more tortured cock and ball play with a cock cage. Cock cages are like chastity belts for men. There are metal ones like the Deluxe Chastity Cage or vegan leather versions like Gimp Chastity Sheath with Double Metal Cock Ring.

Sensory Play

You can’t have a kink convo about sex toys for men without considering sensory play. Any of the glass toys mentioned above can be adapted for sensory play. Glass toys can be heated or cooled to change the sensations, adding to the pleasure of play. You also can’t have a conversation about any sex toys for anal play without talking about lube. Since the anus doesn’t naturally produce lubrication, synthetic is the answer. That said, there are different kinds of lube that are only compatible with certain kinds of toys. The glass toys work well with silicone lube. On the other hand, silicone toys require water-based or oil-based lube. You can’t use silicone toys with silicone lube because the lube will break down the surface of the toy. Instead, opt for water-based for your silicone toy. Water-based lube doesn’t stain and is compatible with just about any sex toy material.

There are many options for sex toys for men that allow for endless combinations ready for your sexploration. Glass toys are rigid, but perfect for sensory play, while silicone toys are better if you need flexibility. Sex toys for men are not as often discussed and there tends to be a shame around them, but they are just as fun and diverse as women’s sex toys and totally worth doing the, ahem, research.

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