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Halloween Erotica - Tricking and Treating

Halloween Erotica - Tricking and Treating

Have you ever thought about writing erotic fiction? Lots of people do it for their own enjoyment or to spice up their ideas of fantasy with a partner. Others do it for money. Finding a niche within erotic fiction can be quite lucrative, but if you’ve never written erotica, how would you know where to start? Luckily, with the spooky season hanging over us, it’s the perfect time to start writing a Halloween erotica. Erotic fiction in any form is a story about your fantasies. It can include thoughts, characters, or even just representations of what you would like a sexual experience to include. Adding a Halloween theme can be fun or scary or simply campy and funny. It’s up to you to create your story… if you dare.

What is Halloween Erotica?

Creating a Halloween erotica is easier than you think. Remember learning to write stories in school? You have to set the scene: where, when, why, who, what, and how. The goal is to create the kind of vibe you want your story to have. If the weather is bright and sunny, that will put a different spin than if it’s dark and rainy. It may not have much to do with the details of your plot, but it gives information to your reader’s imagination. For inspiration, think of any sexual encounters you have had in the past or would like to have in the future. Halloween erotica – or any kind – doesn’t have to be very long, but it should have a beginning that sets the scene and hooks the reader, a build-up in the middle, and a satisfying ending with a resolution. It should also include details specific to Halloween. For example:

Tricking and Treating

“Can you get the door? I’m trying to finish getting ready,” Barb said as she adjusted her jack-o-lantern earrings. She smoothed the front of her skin-tight pumpkin costume and looked at her plump legs, dressed up in green stockings. She looked fantastic. It was her first year volunteering at the neighborhood Halloween Trick or Treat Fest and from everything she’d heard about it, she could barely contain her excitement. Carl stepped up close behind her, grabbed a handful of booty, and sniffed her neck. 

“Really? Pumpkin spice perfume? A little on the nose, no?” He joked. He actually hated pumpkin spice, but he loved his wife and all the curves and rolls that came with her. He had to admit, she somehow managed to be both adorable and completely sexy in her costume. 

“Who was that at the door, Babe?” Barb cooed. Carl was still behind her,  rubbing on her fupa as she dusted the shine off her nose. “A few early trick-or-treaters,” Carl said jovially. He was happy to stay home and hand out treats to their new neighbors. Moving to an adults-only neighborhood had been the best decision for them. 

Barb looked at Carl with a curious expression. “Are you sure you don’t want to come to the Fun Fest?” she asked.

He pretended to gasp. “I’m fine here, “ he said. 

“Okay. But I’ll be back pretty late. I’ll see you probably in the morning.” And with that, Barb was out the door. 

Carl sat in his living room where he had a clear view of the porch and anyone that may walk up. It was pretty warm for Halloween so he left the screen door open. He was content with their new home and waited patiently for more trick-or-treaters.


Carl looked up to see a very cute, very plump nurse standing in the doorway. 

“Hi, there! It’s unlocked. I must have dozed off. I’m coming!” Carl slid off the sofa and walked over to the screen door. The nurse’s costume was near perfect. She had a medicine bag with her, and Carl thought she looked and smelled familiar.

As soon as he opened the door, the nurse pushed her way in. 

“I heard there was a very sick man here, and I wanted to make him feel good,” she cooed. Carl could barely object with her hand sliding over his crotch. As he felt his dick harden, he started to stammer, “I- I- I have a w- w- -wife, and sh- she will be back anytime!” 

The nurse dropped to her knees. She pulled Carl’s throbbing meat monster out and said, “I won’t tell if you won’t tell. Besides, I was raised to not speak with my mouth full.” With that, she stuffed her throat with his manhood and began bobbing as though there was a barrel of apples in front of her.

Carl couldn’t say a word. He was shocked, but he couldn’t stop her because it felt SO DAMN GOOD. Fast, then slowly, she slid his manhood in and out of her mouth while her hands twisted around and around. She began to tap his taint while pushing the head of his dick against her tonsils. Every time he thought he would squirt all his swimmers down her throat, she would pause, tickle his anus and look up at him until he calmed. Then she would start all over again.

Carl was bewildered. The nurse pushed him onto the couch as she continued edging him, sucking his schlong and tickling him mercilessly. He looked at the clock. Barb would be home soon. He didn’t want to stop the exquisite pleasure he was feeling, but he didn’t want Barb to ever know this happened. It wasn’t his fault. She just… gobbled him. Before he knew anything, several hours had passed.

At the stroke of midnight, the nurse slurped and slobbed on his knob, taking him as deep as she could, making a sloppy wet puddle between his legs. He begged her, “Please, PLEASE! I need to come. I HAVE TO CUM!” 

The nurse hummed a giggle with his dick still in her throat and with that sensation, he pumped what felt like a gallon of jizz into her mouth. She took it all, leaving not one drop on her face. She stood up, grabbed her medicine bag, winked devilishly, and left. 

Carl passed out on the couch.

A few hours later, Barb walked in with a bag of leftover snacks from the Fest. He was in the exact same spot she left him in, but his pants were around his ankles and he was snoring. 

“Did you have a good night, hun?” she said. She tied her hair up quickly and walked over to him seductively. Carl stuttered as he tried to tell her about the nurse, but Barb only wanted one thing. 

Carl was scared she would know something happened. After all, his pants were around his ankles and his dick was out. Barb dropped to her knees and leaned down, ready to do a little trick-or-treating of her own. 

“Babe? Why does your dick smell like pumpkin spice? You hate pumpkin spice,” she asked, amused by his expression.

Carl was scared. He didn’t want to tell his wife he cheated on her. He didn’t even know who the nurse was. Only that she seemed REALLY familiar… and that she smelled like pumpkin spice.

How to Get Your Erotica Seen

Getting people to read your erotica is easier than you may think. It depends on your comfort level, but it can be as easy as having your partner and friends read over your work. You can join erotica writers' guilds where you share and critique each other. You could start a blog and there are several forums like Literotica where you can publish your work. There are even platforms like Wattpad that are made for amateur writing. Erotica is one of many genres featured there. 

Best Gläs Toy for Halloween

Want to add some props to your story? Want to treat or trick with your friends? Use these great glass dildos to add some bang to your tale.

The Chili Pepper is great for Halloween shenanigans because it reminds you of the stem of a pumpkin. With a tapered tip, smooth sides, and a curvaceous shaft, it’s sure to send chills up your spine.

The Double Bull will make you growl with pleasure. Boasting double bulbs and 5 inches of smooth glass, there’s nothing horrible about this toy. Black as an autumn night, you can make it hot or cold to suit the weather or your mood.

The Orange Tickler may bewitch you because of its color, but don’t laugh at the potential. This curved and bulbous toy was made to hit all your hot spots with smooth textured ridges on the sides for the extra sensitive places. Over 6 inches to make you scream with delight.

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