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Masturbation May
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Masturbation May
Spend $70 get 20% off | Spend $100 get 25% off | Spend $150 get 35% off
Stimulating the P-Spot with a Glass Sex Toy - Prostate Stimulation - Guide to Glass Sex Toys by Gläs

Stimulating the P-Spot with a Glass Sex Toy (Prostate Stimulation)

For many prostate owners, the backdoor has had a “do not enter” sign of intimidation on it for far too long. The notion of motion in your posterior carries with it a lot of misunderstandings and taboos. However, the anus contains what many have referred to as the Arc of the Cumenant (though this one will melt your face with pleasure) professionally known as the P-Spot or Prostate. This little walnut-shaped organ is the key to unlock unbelievable, full-body orgasms through prostate stimulation.

Contrary to popular tops, effective prostate stimulation isn’t just a walk in the anus. While internal massage is ideal, there are also ways for exploring this pleasure zone without penetration. As many prostate owners still hold outdated taboos regarding anal sex, topical stimulation can be a great segue into the endless pleasure journeys of anal.

To effectively rub this genie lamp of pleasure, we must first be able to locate it within the cave of wonders which, while easy to find, requires some instruction. 

How to Find the Prostate

The prostate is a walnut-size gland that’s nestled between the bladder and penis, just in front of the rectum. The job of this little pleasure pod is to secrete nourishing fluids that protect sperm and squeeze it through the urethra during ejaculation. This close association with your semen regulator is why prostate stimulation causes similar euphoric response to cumming, just with a much more prolonged and constant feeling.

In a less sexy way (or more sexy way, if you’re into that we don’t judge) the urethra also flows through the center of the prostate, which means that the prostate also affects urinary function and is part of why prostate owners get that little glimmer of relief after unleashing the golden waterfall after a long car ride. 

To fully reach prostate stimulation, aim more for the pelvis (approximately where the bladder is). And try to use more of a rotating motion with the hips rather than a prodding thrust. This will massage the prostate instead of poke it, and create a more pleasurable feeling. When choosing a prostate toy, it is best to pick one that is slightly curved to really pinpoint the area for prostate stimulation.

Why Does Prostate Stimulation Feel Good?

As we’ve explored above, when you’re receiving prostate stimulation, you’re essentially tickling your semen factory, and any union will tell you that a factory produces better with extra incentives to perform. By applying pressure to the gland that essentially the fulcrum in your semen trebuchet, you are creating multiple, prolonged bursts of pleasure similar to what you experience during ejaculation. Additionally, the area of the body surrounding it is packed with nerve endings which causes any pressure, simulation, or movement around the rim of the anus to also create a similar reaction to nipple and ear play. Long story short, the booty is a playground of pleasure!

Are There Any Risks in Exploring Prostate Stimulation?

Any sexual adventures should require care and communication with your partner to check in on how and what they are experiencing, and prostate stimulation is no different. Most anuses cannot self-lubricate, so it is important during prostate stimulation to use lots of lube and to frequently check in with the bottom to make sure they are not experiencing any pain. Trying to power through prostate stimulation without proper lubrication can result in anal fissures or tearing that can cause days of discomfort. It is always important to lube up first using your fingers or a lube applicator and then frequently add lube to ensure a pleasurable and pain-free experience.  

What Glass Toys Should I Use for Prostate Stimulation?

The real question is what glass toys SHOULDN’T I use for prostate stimulation. The amazing thing about glass toys is that they come in a wide (or short, or thick, or thin, or bumpy, or smooth) variety that there are endless ways to take a journey through your wild south.

To begin, when selecting a glass toy (or any toy) for anal play, always be sure to pick one with a tapered base. The hole is hungry, and your sphincter muscle is designed to keep things from falling out of you. That means using any toys without a tapered base for prostate stimulation runs the risk of getting stuck in your anal cavity, and resulting in a less than desirable trip to the doctor (and not the sexy kind). A tapered base or a toy with a handle will prevent your toys from getting gobbled up by the glutes. 

The first toy to look into is the bulbous tip toys. Toys like Mr. Swirly or the 8” Ribbed provide a bulbous tip and an exaggerated curve to pinpoint the p-spot for properly pleasurable prostate stimulation. These curved and bulbed options come in different textures and sizes for all booty palates. Go sleek and smooth with options like our Honey Dipper Anal Glider for a sleek and smooth trip to the p-spot, or go for a multi-point stimulation with our Orange Tickler with textures to tantalize your rim.

If you are looking for less friction and more fullness, then a glass butt plug is the right choice for you. Focusing more on constant pressure rather than thrusting friction, butt plugs are good for prolonged, hands-free invigoration that can either provide prostate stimulation during intercourse with a partner or be worn discreetly during the day for more sociable simulation. Gläs offers a wide range of plugs from our 4” Beaded Plug for deeper penetration, to our Amethyst Rain Plug for a wider gaping experience.

For those who are really more here for the rim job, Gläs has the textures for you! The many textures of Gläs make rimming experiences an endless journey of ecstasy with multiple options to polish your wagon wheel. Our Candy Land Juicer is an excellent option for couples play as it features multiple textures along the shaft for sphincter stimuli as well as a crank handle for you or your partner to twirl and whirl you to Cumdrop Mountain. If you are looking for more of a thrusting motion, the Pacifier Plug is ideal for your lower lips to suckle on with bumpy stimuli while giving your partner a porthole view to the gratification grotto. 

Even with all of these options, Gläs toys can be further enhanced by using temperature play to warm or cool your toy, as well as stimulating lubricants for even more variety. The opportunities for prostate stimulation and Gläs are endless.

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