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Just a Tip or Two... Double Ended Dildos - Guide to Glass, a blog by Gläs

Just a Tip or Two... Double Ended Dildos

So you wanna share a long schlong with your fave but you need more than just a tip or two? Having sex with a double-ended dildo may seem complicated, but if you’ve ever used any kind of dildo, then you are halfway there. As long as you’re into penetration, double-ended dildos aren’t as intimidating as they seem. Let’s go deeper!

What Are Double-Ended Dildos?

A double-ended dildo is a phallic (but sometimes not) shaft long enough to penetrate two holes simultaneously. Both ends are molded for smooth penetration. They can look incredibly realistic (if humans were blessed with double dongs) but many come in varied colors and with no human characteristics for those who are just not interested in the veiny, flesh color of the real thing. They can be a comparable girth to a human dangler or they can have a much wider circumference. Double-ended dildos can vary in length and shape. Some are shaped like the Chrysler building while others resemble the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Still others have a shape that is not like any standing member of architecture, but is more reminiscent of a stick shift.

Double-ended dildos come in various materials as well. The least preferred of which is the jelly rubber which contains phthalates. Phthalates are a huge no-no because besides being terrible for the environment, they wreak havoc on YOUR environment and not in a good way. A great alternative would be a durable and easy to clean silicone version. There are rubber and plastic ones, also not great for our planet, but they are easy to clean and feel nice to the touch. The best kind of double-ended dildo is made of glass. A tempered borosilicate, glass dildos are environmentally friendly, nonporous so they don’t trap bacteria, making them easy to use and clean. They can be warmed or chilled for sensory play, and come with very cool designs with lots of colors.

Choosing The Best Double-Ended Dildos

Choosing the perfect double-ended dildo can be overwhelming, and it’s understandable why someone would be hesitant. No one ever talks about double dipping the dong so it can be hard to know where to start. As always, think about the person you would want to share this experience with and have an open honest and consensual conversation about your curiosities and concerns. 

For Masturbation

If you aren’t quite ready for that conversation, start with using a double-ended dildo while masturbating. One of the best ways to explore a new sexual interest is with yourself so you can figure out what you like, and how you like it. You can give yourself the gift of exploration with the Glästoy 2 Piece G-Spot Pleasure Glass Dildo Set. This set comes with a curved phallic end for smooth entry, a beaded end for stimulation, and prober perfect for a G-spot or P-Spot. Go for a double penetration experience by using them both simultaneously. Where there’s a hole, dig.

Anus to Anus

Once you have had that conversation with your partner, try anus to anus penetration with a toy like the Double Trouble Glass Dildo. There are a few ways to bump booties with this toy. Highly recommended would be with each partner on their back, legs in a wide scissor. You can use your hands to steady the double-ended dildo, or… for other things.

Anus to Vagina

If you’re feeling athletic, anus to vagina could be the way to go. With both partners on their backs, the partner receiving anal pleasure will prop themselves up on their arms with their legs over the legs of the partner receiving vaginal loving. Use the clear double-ended dildo from the 2-Piece Double Pleasure Glass Dildo Set but if you are looking to get a LOT closer, try the pink one.

Vagina to Vagina

For vagina to vagina sex using a double-ended dildo, get into the 7" Curved Glass G-Spot Stimulator by letting it get into you both! Scissor your legs, but sit up, propped up by your arms so that you have eye contact. Scooch a little closer for a clitoral contact to really heat things up. 

You can never ever use too much lube and what is better than sliding your favorite parts all over your favorite love toy with your favorite person? Doing it while they are sliding their favorite parts all over the same toy at the same time. Double-ended dildos are a no-brainer for anyone who uses sex toys with their partner. They are affordable, easy and fun to use, and have the easiest clean up when you use a glass version. 


Coming into the idea of using a double-ended dildo isn’t the easiest thing and it’s not the most openly discussed of the sexcapades but it is the best kept secret among lovers and friends. Find a booty buddy and pick out a buddy for yall’s booty and start bubbling.

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