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3 Ring Metal Gates of Hell


Hell is hot and hot is where the party is. Enter through the 3 Ring Metal Gates of Hell to control your sub. Hold the penis and testicles hostage. A staple in cock and ball torture, this gates of hell includes three steel rings. The largest restricts blood flow to the balls, while the smaller two fit over the shaft. No BDSM session is complete without this pleasure-pain device. Make it juicy with lube and keep it safe by limiting usage to 30 minutes.

  • Place the flaccid penis and testicles through the largest ring
  • Slide the 2 smaller rings over the shaft of the still flaccid penis
  • Lubricant might be necessary
  • Not for use over 30 minutes
  • Keeps the penis and testicles in strict captivity


Longer erections and deeper, bigger ejaculations are the prime results of wearing this fun BDSM cock and ball torture gates of hell. By preventing blood flow to the penis and testicles, it prevents contraction during orgasm, but the sensations can be felt soon after enclosure. Easy to use, and beautiful to look at, extend foreplay and denial. Ringing your partner's bell lets them know Daddy's home. Discontinue wearing the device after 30 minutes.


  • Ideal for CBT
  • Includes 3 steel rings
  • Major fun for BDSM couples
  • Optional lubricant can be applied
  • Item Length 6cm
  • Item Width 7.5cm
  • Item Height 6.5cm
  • Diameter Small Metal Ring 3.5cm
  • Diameter Middle Metal Ring 4cm
  • Diameter Big Metal Ring 5cm