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Sensational Summer Sex Toys - Guide to Glass, a blog by Glas

Sensational Summer Sex Toys

It’s the hottest time of the year and beating the heat, among other things, comes with new  barriers. We’re outside, and the sun has a firm grip on our day to day activities. As we seek relief  from being pent up, let’s do some summer sexploration on how to navigate our hottest months.  For some, it’s also the wettest time of year (we should all be so lucky) and for others, it’s sticky  and everything is at a standstill. Whether your summer is rainy, humid, or needs a little lubrication,  we’ve got you covered.  

For Getting Juicy with the Coochie

To refresh yourself with a new squeeze, try the Gläs Orange Tickler Glass Dildo. This elongated  nubby glass shaft is designed to massage you G-Spot or P-Spot with his firm and bumpy texture.  This toy is perfect for mutual masturbation and trust us, the juice is totally worth the squeeze.

Some of us have this summer thing licked while the rest of us are hoping to be. The swervy curvy  nubbed is pretty in pink and can set your summer ablaze. Choose your  fantasy with this veiny tentacle by warming or chilling for some of the best sensations of the  season. Make it hotter by making it cooler: try rubbing a piece of ice on your partner while also  rubbing this cold toy in your partner.  

Stuck in the house and want to play some games? The Joystick Clear Glass Dildo allows you to  take control of your Player 2 with a spiral ridged eleven inch shaft. The bulbous tip allows for easy  handling and more pressure pleasure. Designed for penetrations and clit stimulation, it will be  GAME OVER in no time. Play again? 

For a Backdoor Bonanza

Nothing says summer like moisture dripping from your head. To sweeten things a little, consider  introducing the Gläs Honey Dripper Anal Slider to your circle. You can really stir the pot with this  bulbous tipped toy designed to provide deep and direct stimulation to your back door golden  spot. With its bright honey color and angled neck, it’s sure to suit any palate. The best part is that  by entering your partner from behind, there’s less skin to skin contact providing a short respite  from the heat. 

Speaking of ice, the 3.5” Bling Bling Glass Butt Plug is the toy du jour. With a perfect pop of  purple for your pucker, this beginner-friendly toy is ideal for those who want play In the shallow  end. Try using the bathtub by filling up with some cool water. Turn on a light shower with a  refreshing temperature to see how quickly things can start sloshing around.

Solo sessions are a way to make your day cooler and hotter at the same time. The Quintessence  Beaded Anal Slider allows you to go deep with it’s eleven inches in length and provides  stimulation all the way in and out. It has a retrieval loop to help you hold on while you lose control  with yourself. To make it cooler, try the Wicked Sensual Cares Toy Breeze Cooling Gel Lubricant.  Slippery when SUPER wet, the thick textured water based lube is designed to add a tingly  enhancement to maximize solo play with any toy.   

For Double Trouble

Too hot for indoors? Take it outside. You can choose the level of privacy you want, but a quick  doggie style romp allows for minimal contact. Use a Red Head Double Dildo to really turn up the  flames. This beautiful hand-blown artisanal is perfect for G-spot or P-spot stimulation, taking your  fiery desires to the next level. Really turn up the heat by using the water based Wicked Warming  Gel Toy Lubricant. Are your devil horns showing yet? 

For Getting Hot While Keeping Cool

There are several ways to keep cool while keeping it hot. Using an air conditioner is a no brainer,  but you can also angle a fan on any hard surface like a countertop, floor tiles, or a table, while  giving your partner oral for minimal contact. Use your imagination to make it hotter with anal  beads, or a double ended glass toy. 

Showers are your best friend. From refreshing your body to providing a different place to get dirty,  showers tend to have well positioned handles for bracing yourself. Stepping out of the shower  and getting into a bed with clean cotton sheets is the way to go. Natural fibers help keep the body  cool so pay attention to the material, washing frequently. 

Whether taking advantage of dusk or dawn, using ice, or riding solo, keeping cool while getting  hot can be daunting. Work your way through these tips and tricks to see which solstice slicking 

gets your juices flowing. And if you can’t seem to stay cool no matter what? Just remember that  being in a hot, sweaty, and glistening glow has never been a turn off.

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