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Be Eco-Friendly with Glass Sex Toys - Guide to Glass by Gläs

Be Eco-Friendly with Glass Sex Toys

What’s big, hot, and growing larger and larger the more we think about it? The sex toy industry, of course. How big? Try $15BN USD worldwide. And it’s swelling. Sex toy sales went up by 65% in 2020 and the excitement doesn’t seem like it’s cumming to an end any time soon. Everyone is humming along: except Mother Earth. The problem is that most of these products are not eco-friendly sex toys. Huh? What? Yes, eco-friendly sex toys are totally a thing. But first, let’s talk about the worst offenders.


The biggest issue with not having eco-friendly sex toys is toys readily available is that they aren’t sustainable, on different levels. These toys eventually get thrown out due to technical or surface damage and they end up in our landfills. Some kinds of materials never degrade. NEVER. Your used dildo will be in a landfill FOREVER. In other cases, batteries drip their juices into the environment and there is no recovery time. 

When thinking of eco-friendly sexy toys, consider that most recycling centers don’t take any mixed material objects. This means that vibrators, specifically, are one of the worst offenders. Additionally, they are the most purchased sex toy, making them double penetration in environmental treachery. The second most egregious example comes from anyone using plastics. Not only are plastics horrific for your insides, they cause destruction to our outside as well. The cheapest quality are (as expected) the most common, and do the worst damage. Namely, biphenols, phthalates, and microplastics are the ones to look out for. On the surface, silicon appears to be the least harmful, but when shopping for eco-friendly sex toys, it’s important to note that just because it’s silicon doesn’t mean it can’t be mixed with other harmful materials. If it doesn’t mention that it’s ONLY silicon, it’s likely not. The sneaky thing about silicon is that while it isn’t harmful to the environment, it still doesn’t isn’t biodegradable.

What is being done about it?

Fortunately, the sex toy industry has taken note, and with the industry growing at a rate of 7-10%  (and expected to increase to 10-15% in the next few years), companies are already producing products that won’t blow the load of old sex toys into our landfills. The most popular eco-friendly sex toys come in organic and/or inexpensive materials and are noted for their craftsmanship and other properties. Wooden, stone, and crystal eco-friendly sex toys are desirable because they are durable, and if they do get thrown out, they are simply returning from whence they came. The downside is that all of these can be porous which create room for bacteria to grow.

So, Who are the most eco-friendly?

The best eco-friendly sex toys have come from the glass sex toy market. Sustainable, beautiful, non-porous, recyclable… the accolades simply spew forth on their own. Glass eco-friendly sex toys come in as many colors and patterns as the eye can imagine, and then some. Because it really is up to the imagination, many products can be created. Below are some eco-friendly sex toys that are recognized as customer favorites.

Our personal favorites

6" Curved G-spot Glass Dildo is an eco-friendly sex toy that offers a great twist on a classic. It offers two ends and features a bulbous tip with nubs that are located right along one of the toy’s gentle curves to enhance the sensation as it rubs against your erogenous zones. The other end of the dildo features a two-beaded design that fills you as it massages.

Another fan favorite is the Glass Yoni Eggs Kegel Training Set which helps tighten the pelvic floor via Kegel exercises. These eco-friendly sex-toys are made of a sleek glass texture with a tapered end for easy insertion. For sensual play when you are stuck at home.

Galileo Butt Plug is one of many beautiful color designs that has a unique and fun shape. Glass allows for innovation with eco-friendly sex toys in ways some other materials simply can’t. If you are just starting you glass toy journey, this one is perfect for beginners.

What to do with our old toys

The choice to be more conscious about purchasing eco-friendly sex toys is an important one, but we also have to consider what to do with the ones we have when they are no longer in use. It’s recommended to look for shops online that specialize in recycling non eco-friendly sex toys by separating them into parts, washing them and repurposing each piece. 

While some places have opened back up, many parts of the world are still stuck at home but we can take care of ourselves, our partners, and our planet by making thoughtful and informed decisions. Eco-friendly sex toys are one of the most important innovations in the industry and there’s no doubt that Mother Earth gives complete consent.

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