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Double Up The Rear, A Guide to Safe Double Anal Penetration - A blog by Gläs

Double Up The Rear, A Guide to Safe Double Anal Penetration

Two in the Stink, None for the Pink - Double Anal Penetration

Ordering up a double wiener split on the bun for your next sexcapade? Most people think of double anal penetration as serving up two times the peen for each booty - but it can be more than that. It’s technically when you penetrate the posterior with two penises, two toys, two hands, or two fingers at the same time. You can also switch it up to create any combination of these. Anything goes as long as there are two of them. The best part is that anyone with a butt can get in on the action, or rather, have the action get in on them. Receiving double anal penetration isn’t orientation, gender, or sex-specific and it’s totally up to interest and preference.

Hardware Of Choice?

The giver may or may not have a penis and/or may use a dildo, strap-on dildo, vibrator, butt plug, or any other kind of toy. They may opt to use a finger or a hand to double up the penetration. Alternatively, there may be two givers, in which case they can both penetrate using a penis, pair any of the above items with a penis or use two of the above items and not include a penis at all.

Double anal penetration doesn’t actually require a penis and it doesn’t need a second or third party. You can achieve double anal penetration alone by using your fingers, hands, or toys.

Prep For Perfection

To get the rump romp roaring, you will first have to have the conversation, even if it’s just you. Taking two up the bum is no simple task. It requires some research and planning. Part of that research is to have that conversation, especially if you plan to achieve double trouble in your bubble from someone else. Consent is key so ask your partner if they’d be down with trying something new. Establish a safe word. There’s going to be a lot going on and safe words help keep things from getting lost in the excitement or any background noise.

Once you know that double anal penetration is definitely on the table, you need to start the training process. In short, you are going to need a LOT of lube. Not even joking, you will need lube at every step of the process and you will need to reapply at some point – maybe even several times depending on how you plan to get down. The next sentence is one that cannot be stressed enough.


Seriously, start small. If you have never done any kind of anal penetration, you need to think about how to safely stretch your anus. And of course, “small” depends on your body. Small could be anal beads for one person or it could be a butt plug for another. On your own, you can lube up a finger and see how your body responds to that, using the experience as a gauge to decide what level you would like to go to next. By incrementally increasing in size, you can “train” your anus to stretch to accommodate whatever you want to put up there.

To prepare for double anal penetration, start out as you would with any anal sex. Take a poop and a good bath or shower an hour or two ahead of time. Continuing the stretching concept, once the first penis or toy is in, start with something small for the second insertion. A finger, a slim dildo, or beads. Go slowly, giving your muscles time to relax as you go. Remember that arousal makes your body relax so stay present and enjoy whatever other stimulation feels good to you. Also, remember to lube as you go. You can never have too much lube for this situation. It’s not just about slippage – you can also dry out which makes you more susceptible to tears which are no fun.

A Sphincter of Sensations

Double anal penetration will give you a sense of fullness. It can also be incredibly pleasurable when it hits the P-spot or A-spot. However, it can be painful. That’s what most people are afraid of. The good news is that it doesn’t have to hurt. By starting small, going slowly, using lots of lube, and maintaining arousal, it can be a smooth ride. It may be tempting to use numbing or desensitizing cream, but if you can’t feel pain, then you can’t feel if something is wrong. If you can’t tell something is wrong, you may not stop or slow down when you need to prevent damage. So stay away from the numbing stuff.


After double duty, take a nice warm bath with Epsom salts to relax your muscles. If you feel any discomfort, take a mild painkiller. If the pain lasts more than a couple of days, go to see a doctor. If toilet tissue rubs you the wrong way, use running water from a cup or portable bidet.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you attempt any kind of anal play. Always go slowly – easy in, easy out. When engaging in anal sex, switching positions is par for the course. Just remember to never switch holes or partners without changing condoms or thoroughly washing the toys or body parts.

Double anal penetration is thought of as hardcore sex, but it doesn’t have to be. If it’s something you like and are interested in, go for it.  Just because people don’t talk about having anal sex doesn’t mean they aren't doing it. Nearly 40% of the population is getting lots of backdoor wear ( hopefully no tear) so never mind any ideas about stigma. It boils down to you creating pleasure for yourself and as long as it isn’t harming anyone else, rock on.

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