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Lasting Longer in Bed: How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

Lasting Longer in Bed: How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

ATTEN-HUT! Getting your soldier to stand at attention is not just about discipline (although it can be a huge part of it). But let’s be real, we’ve all had a lazy soldier, but what do you do when it happens too often? What’s wrong, what changed, and most importantly, how do we fix it? Lasting longer in bed for men is a common goal, and we’ve got your 6 to make sure you’re at ease about getting in formation.

What is Happening to my Erection?

To understand what (isn’t) happening, you need to know what should be happening. An erection is simply when the brain tells the body to relax everything and send blood to the penis. When the penis doesn’t have an erection or can’t get or keep an erection, we refer to it as flaccid.

Psychological VS Physical Erectile Dysfunction

There are several reasons why your soldier won’t salute but the good news is, these reasons can be broken down into either physical or mental. The tests to see any physical issues are fairly simple and painless. They may test blood and urine for disease, give you a physical exam to see if the nerves are responding normally or to see if there is any hair loss due to hormones, and even a blood pressure check or injection to see if blood flow is normal.

If you aren’t lasting longer in bed naturally, and these tests are coming back normal, then we know the remaining reason is mental. Sometimes daily stress, performance anxiety, or anxiety, in general, can change the way our brain sends signals. The good news is unless there’s an underlying health issue, lasting longer in bed for men is really easy to do.

I Don’t Have ED, I Just Want to Increase My Stamina

Here’s an insider tip though: Nothing actually has to be wrong. You could have the stamina of a mustang and just want to increase that stamina. Lasting longer in bed could just be an ego booster for men, and we love to see it!

Lifestyle Changes for Lasting Longer In Bed, Naturally

Some things that would lend themselves to lasting longer in bed naturally would be lifestyle changes. For example, following a whole food diet with lots of fruits, grains, nuts, legumes, and heart-healthy fats will help you out. If it’s good for the heart, then it’s good for blood flow.

You can also get in the gym. Not only does working out relieve anxiety, but keeping your heart pumping will ensure your ability to keep humping for years to come. It also helps you exercise the muscles on the pelvic floor, but we will get into that later.

If you know you’re looking to last longer in bed, for men, we have to lay off the vices. We get it though – after a lifetime of seeing Bond shaken not stirred, having a drink can relax our nerves as we talk to the intended receiver of our desires. But while having a drink, a smoke, or a toke are probably fine (check the laws in your area) too much of a good thing can make your willow weep.

How to Make Changes Psychologically

One way to last longer in bed naturally is to cut back on stress. It’s easier said than done, of course, but there are ways to do this. You can meditate or do deep breathing exercises. One way that is slightly controversial is to have a vasectomy. Yup! Sometimes, the stress of potentially getting someone knocked up is so overwhelming that you can’t stand up long enough to knock anything. So while it may be extreme, it could be the great equalizer in this situation.

Another way to reduce stress is to have a chat with your partner about whatever is on your mind. It doesn’t have to be sex-related, but sometimes having a partner in your struggles makes them feel as though they aren’t so bad. If you think talking to your partner isn’t the right way to go, a therapist can help. You can even find some that specialize in lasting longer in bed for men.

Get Some External Help

There are also some other more direct ways you can help your flag fly. Try a cock ring. Cock rings are designed to slow the blood flow from the penis. This makes it way more sensitive and keeps it hard for longer. There are several kinds of cock rings: adjustable, stretching, vibrating, and solid.

You could also try using Kegels (yes, men can do them too!). Remember before when we were talking about strengthening your pelvic floor? Contracting your pelvic muscles (these are the ones you use when you try to stop your pee) can give you more control over your blood flow to the penis. 

You could also try edging, masturbation, or even a penis pump to help you increase – or at the very least, control – your blood flow and erections. 

Remember, lasting longer in bed doesn’t have to be a big deal. Whether you are having some trouble, or just want to step your game up, follow these tips to make sure you can pitch your tent… and keep it that way.

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