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6 Ways to take Mutual Masturbation to the Next Level - Guide to Glass by Gläs

6 Ways to take Mutual Masturbation to the Next Level

Masturbation feels good and being with a partner is so much better. Why? Because mutual masturbation can mean being fondled by your partner. The unexpected rhythm and pressure of mutual masturbation are added elements of surprise and intimacy which ultimately lead to better lovemaking sessions. 

Releasing sexual tension is an obvious reason for mutual masturbation, but it is also a stress reliever that can be a great way to fulfill fantasies with your partner, learn each other, or be sexual without penetration. One of the best reasons to engage in mutual masturbation is to introduce sex toys. Whether across the room or borders, toys undoubtedly take center stage.

How to Get in the Mood

Having a conversation lets your partner know you’re interested in mutual masturbation. It’s a great way to see how they feel about it and set expectations. 

Get Ready

Prepare a date night for in-person and long-distance play sessions. Think about what you consider to be romantic. Low lighting, scented candles, and lo-fi beats will pull things together, along with fruit, chocolate, or wine. The ultimate goal with setting the scene for mutual masturbation is to appeal to all your senses. Place your toys, lube, and towels nearby.

To prepare your body for mutual masturbation, take a shower, lathering well, and trim your nails. For anal masturbation, the process is more involved. Start with emptying your bowels an hour or two beforehand. Taking a hot bath can relax your muscles (and your nerves) while making sure your anus is clean.

Finally, prepare your mind. Allow your eyes to linger over your partner and vice versa. Mutual masturbation can be incredibly intimate and chances are that you are both feeling vulnerable. Get comfortable by finding positions that give you access to the places you want to touch.

6 Ways to Take Mutual Masturbation to the Next Level

Touch Yourself

Begin by caressing erogenous zones, leading to your genitalia. If your partner can’t see you, be descriptive in what you are doing. Use a lube like JO Agape Water-based Lubricant

Next Level: Try the 8” Sweetheart Glass Dildo. Regardless of your genitalia, this hypoallergenic can be cooled or heated for sensory play. It works as an insertable, and has a smooth heart shape for rubbing or tapping.

Touch Yourself Virtually

Like above, but let your partner control your actions. Using the Purple Rose Nubby Dildo, listen to their directions for temperature, speed, rhythm, and placement. Next level: Practice edging by not orgasming until they give you permission. 

Touch Your Partner

The perfect play for learning what your partner likes! Listen to their feedback. Learning how to gauge their response and getting to know their body, as well as your own, are the rewards of mutual masturbation.

Next level: With smooth, pointed and nubby features, the Glass Natural Chili Pepper Dildo lets you try several sensations that are new for both of you.

Butt Play #1

Find the position that is most comfortable for you AND gives your partner the best visual. Relaxed and lubed, slowly insert your finger or toy. Allow your partner to hear your vocal responses and don’t be afraid to really let loose.

Next level: Try the 5” Curved Glass Beaded Dildo. Its beginner-friendly, beautiful design has a visceral effect on your voyeur.

Butt Play #2

Why not use toys simultaneously? The 6” Lick It Glass Dildo and the Pacifier Butt Plug are both textured with easy grips. Find a comfortable position that gives you both access to make it truly mutual masturbation. 

Next level: Try 69ing with your partner for even more fun.


Frottage is rubbing genitalia against parts of each other’s bodies. Using lube, glide across the parts that give you the most pleasure. You stimulate one or both partners’ genitalia this way. 

Next level: Place a toy between you, like the Yoni Egg or the 6” Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo. Since mutual masturbation is for everyone, any glass toy can be fair play.

Finishing Up

Clean the area with towels. Use antibacterial soap to wash your hands and toys. Let the toys air dry while throwing any barriers in the trash.

After a mutual masturbation romp, continue the intimacy and communication by cuddling or talking about what you each liked best. After having been vulnerable with each other, building intimacy will keep that connection going.

Mutual masturbation is safe, intimate, and fun for foreplay or the main course. It really is up to you to decide its purpose in your sex play. Mutual masturbation doesn’t always have to end in orgasm. The purpose is to make your partner feel good. This can go beyond the physical feeling and tap into the emotional and mental connection to create a stronger bond.

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