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Free Shipping on $50+ Orders

Acrylic See-thru Chastity Cock Cage with Lock


You hold all the keys to control for the Acrylic See-thru Chastity Cage with Lock. The body-safe acrylic this cock cage is ideal for beginners and is visually appealing with its clear design. Keys are included to unlock the padlocked enclosure. This device uses three interlocking pieces with pins and spacers that are completely customizable for size. Apply a water-based lube before usage to ensure long-lasting control. Make sure your partner is only thinking of you, even if you aren't around with this chastity cage.

  • Apply water-based lube around the non-erect penis and scrotum.
  • Gently pinch a bit of scrotal skin at the bottom and pull through the ring.
  • Push the first testicle through the ring.


This device is perfect for chastity cage wearers, especially beginners. It has a soft textured, pliable, ergonomic design and an easy-to-attach 3-piece customizable interlocking system with ventilation to allow comfortability for long-term wear. The device is made of body-safe acrylic and is easy to clean. It includes a padlock and key for maximum security. This device is easy to install and is compatible with any water-based lubrication.


  • Push the second testicle through the ring.
  • Bend penis down and put through shaft of the chastity cage.
  • Perfect for all levels of BDSM play
  • Designed For Long-term Wear
  • Ventilated For Comfort
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Includes Padlock & Key
  • Made Of Transparent, Body-safe Material


  • One Size