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8-Style Ball Divider


Better off alone? This 8-Style Ball Divider will put that theory to the test. By snugly positioning the balls in separate holders away from each other and the cock, this ball divider allows a dom(me) to take full control of their sub's genitalia. It restricts blood flow so that erections last longer, pleasing everyone in the process. This accessory is both beginner friendly and for the seasoned pro.

  • Great for controlling a sub's genitals
  • Useful for tops, enjoyable for bottoms
  • Sexy faux black leather
  • Dome-snap stud closures
  • Fits comfortably and snugly


The 8-Style ball Divider accessory is great for controlling a sub’s genitalia and is useful for tops and bottoms. It features sexy faux leather and dome snap stud closures that fit snugly and comfortably on the balls.


  • Place testicles into the divider straps one at a time
  • Wrap the large ring around the scrotum and snap closed
  • Testicles should feel pressure and constraint
  • Discontinue use in case of pain or excessive swelling