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The Best Vibrators for Solo Pleasure and Partner Play - Guide to Gläs by

The Best Vibrators for Solo Pleasure and Partner Play

Finding Your Vibe

Yayyy! It’s time to shop for your next toy and you only want to consider the best vibrators to uh, vibe with. With so many choices, it’s hard to know where to even start, and you can’t exactly take it back if it doesn’t, uh, fit what you need. For the sake of orgasms everywhere, we have put together a quickie guide to help you figure out how to pick the best vibrators for your needs. 

You are going to need to figure a few things out, so let’s get into it. First things first, what do you want to stimulate? There are vibrators for internal erogenous zones for the vagina and the anus. There are also vibrators that stimulate external areas like the clit, labia, penis, and perianal area.

Subjective Stimuli

Once you know what exactly you want to stimulate, you will then need to consider size, based on your capability or desire. Think about vibration patterns and whether it has one speed or many, one pattern or more, and if there is more than one motor. Some of the best vibrators have two motors to separately control the pulse and speed of different parts of the toy. Color and design are important to consider since some vibrators are more realistic and others are specifically designed to not be phallic in shape at all. Lastly, there is cost. The most basic vibrators can cost under $25 and some of the most elaborate can be more than 1000x that price. Literally. Luckily, price has absolutely nothing to do with what makes the best vibrators, but rather, you can determine what makes the best vibrator FOR YOU based on the criteria you set. It’s completely subjective.

Thrusters to Full

A major thing that will affect your final choice is whether you will be using your BEST. VIBRATOR. EVER. for solo or partnered play. For solo play, there are a few vibes that just make sense. For example, the Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator with Throbbing Shaft from Rabbit Essentials has a thrusting mechanism that throbs while inside you for that internal stimulation. It also has the infamous rabbit ear ticklers for simultaneous external clit stimulation. There are two independent motors with varying speeds and patterns for you to control to get the ultimate orgasm.

For the Real Feel

There’s also the Powercocks 8" Realistic Vibrator in Black, designed to give you that deep penetrative feel that rocks your insides like a gong. With thick, realistic veins on silicone life-like textured skin, this multi-speed, multi-vibration vibrator gets the job done, even underwater. 

A Backdoor Bonanza

For some anal fun, there’s the Lux Fetish 6" Inflatable Vibrating Curved Dildo that pumps up to fill your nook or cranny. It features a curved tip to tickle your G-Spot or P-Spot and has seven vibration modes to complement the easy hand pump feature. Another option would be the Powercocks 7" Slim Anal Realistic Vibrator in Nude which has a grooved collar to stimulate your rim while the curved design simultaneously vibrates against your P-Spot.

Grab a Partner

The great thing about these being some of the best vibrators on the market is that, while they are considered solo toys, they don’t necessarily have to be. Still, if you know you will be playing with a partner, it may be best to consider getting a vibrator specifically for partnered play. In many cases, these will either be strap-on devices or have some kind of remote control. One of the best vibrators for partnered play is the Pegasus 6.5" Realistic Silicone Pegging Dildo with Balls and Adjustable Strap On. As indicated by the name, it has a skin-safe, soft silicone skin-like texture, and has balls to contribute to its realistic shape and feel. It comes with an adjustable strap-on harness and is wirelessly remote-controlled. Curved for G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation, this multi-speed dildo is ideal for couples and solo acts alike. 

Double the Pleasure…

Perfect for couples that like to switch roles, the Lux Fetish Unisex Vibrating Hollow Strap-On Dildo and its DP version, the Lux Fetish Unisex Vibrating Hollow Double Penetration Strap-On Dildo allow anyone to strap and go for a ride. Able to fit over a penis, or fully function without one, this design grants anyone access to control.

For some non-penetrative partnered play, some of the best vibrators aren’t dildos at all. The Hustler Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties allow you to torture your partner through forced or denied orgasms using a remote with three speeds and seven patterns. 

Form with Function

In considering which of the best vibrators best suit you and possibly your partner, think about the ways you will use them. Vibrators have some pros and cons, but other toys on the market may not be sufficient for your current needs, even if they are a quality product. Glass dildos and butt plugs are an exceptional example of beautiful form and superior function: they are temperature sensitive for sensory play, accommodate all kinds of lubricant, and are sustainable. However, they have less range for creativity than vibrators which are stimulating with or without a partner and there is less chance for the element of surprise.

On the other hand, they can be comparable in price (within a certain range), and having both in your arsenal gives you options for longer kinkier sessions. Choosing the best vibrator is subjective and has a few criteria you shouldn’t overlook, but once you do the research, the results keep coming. And coming. And coming. 

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