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Sex Toy Gift Guide 2022 - Guide to Glass by Gläs

Sex Toy Gift Guide

Tis the season to get decked down in every hall in your house! We’ve put together a gift guide just for your sex toy needs. Santa’s got a big ol’ sack for you since he only comes once a year (poor Santa), and we know just what gifts will keep on giving!

Glass Dildos - Sex Toy Gift Guide 2022 by Gläs

Glass Dildos

Handblown hypoallergenic borosilicate tempered glass that is body-safe, shatter-resistant, and non-porous. Heat it up or cool it down for sensory play, but to get naughty, slick it with your favorite lube.

6” Lick-it

Get your yule log greeted the right way with Santa’s salacious slick licker. Feel the nubs and bumps, curls, and curves that make this toy special. A curved ending on the bottom makes it extra special for YOUR ending on the bottom.

Full Length: 6 inches 

Insertable Length: 4.5 inches 

Insertable Diameter: 1.5 inches

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7” Realistic Head Glass Dildo

You know how you’ve always wanted to experience the North Pole? Spend a little time with this one and a white Christmas is sure to come to you. The deep penetration and realistic head will have you belting, “O Holy Night”!

Circumference: 3 inches 

Insertable Length: 5.75 inches 

Shaft Diameter: 0.75 inch

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6" Curved G-spot Glass Dildo

Over the hills we go, indeed! Oh what fun to ride when it twists every which way! The twisted G-Spot stimulator has a bulbous tip at either end to keep the fun going. One end has nubs for pops of pleasure while the other gets you into double bubble trouble.

Circumference: 3.75 inches 

Insertable Length: 4.75 inches 

Shaft Diameter: 0.75 inch

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Glass Yoni Eggs Kegel Training Set

The sugar plums that the fairy never considered. Strengthen your pelvic floor or give yourself an internal massage. Tapered for smooth entry and made for newbs and nimble alike.

Insertable Length: 1.8 inches 

Insertable Diameter: 1.2 inches

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Glass Butt Plug and Anal Toys - Sex Toy Gift Guide 2022 by Gläs

Glass Butt Plugs and Anal Toys

Santa is happy to climb your chimney but sometimes he just wants to come in the back door. For this reason, this season we have several back door playthings that will force you to let it blow, let it blow, let it blow!

Glass Anal Training Set

When you’re just starting out in getting your stocking stuffed, you need to go slowly and gradually. This training set will have you ready to holler O’ Christmas Tree in no time! Three sizes from 4-5.5” with a classic design, tapered for smooth entry. These babies are beginner-friendly.

Small Plug:

Circumference: 4 inches 

Insertable Length: 4 inches Size 

Medium Plug:

Circumference: 4.5 inches Insertable 

Length: 4.75 inches Size 

Large Plug:

Circumference: 5 inches 

Insertable Length: 5.25 inches

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Pacifier Butt Plug

This pacifier will please even the whiniest Santa Baby. A bulbous head for a full pressure feeling, along with nubs of pleasure to massage and stimulate the rim, this butt plug will make you hang ALL the mistletoe to get to know your partner better this Christmas. The flared base and ring handle give you complete control of the pleasure.

Circumference: 4 inches 

Insertable Length: 3.25 inches 

Shaft Diameter: 1.15 inches

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Candy Land Juicer

Santa will definitely want your milk and cookies after watching you crank your yank with this juicer. Use the rotary handle to spin the wide nubbly shaft inside you. The bumps along the base are sure to add the kind of pleasure that really jingles your bells.

Circumference: 4.75 inches 

Insertable Length: 4.5 inches 

Shaft Diameter: 1.25 inches

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3.5” Bling Bling Glass Butt Plug

Ho Ho Ho!! Who wouldn’t go for this booty bling? Made with a classic design and a beautiful jewel, this beginner-friendly butt plug might make you see mommy doing a lot more to Santa Claus than just kissing him. 

Circumference: 3.5 inches 

Insertable Length: 2.75 inches 

Insertable Diameter: 1.4 inches

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Intimate Care - Sex Toy Gift Guide 2022 by Gläs

Intimate Care

Preparing for sex is like wrapping holiday gifts: even though you already know what’s happening, you never know how they will respond. From cooling lubes to enema tubes, a little extra work in the beginning will make sure there is nothing silent or holy about the nights to come.

Travel Douche

Packing up to head home for the holidays? Don’t forget this lifesaver! This beginner-friendly douche has two nozzles and holds up to 30mL of water to keep things nice and clean for when you “unexpectedly” run into whats-their-name. Bet you’ll make their treetop glisten.

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JO H2O Anal - Water-based Lubricant

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with everything glistening. This lube is specifically created for anal, although it works in other play as well. With plant-based glycerin, this lube is long-lasting and mess-free. 

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Enema Syringe

Ho Ho Hooooose that booty down, whether you’re cleaning the partridge out of your pear tree, or just love the feeling of 8 maids a-milking, this compact enema comes with a hand-sized squeezable bulb, a beginner-friendly nozzle, and a thin, elongated hose. Eleven pipers piping sounds like the perfect office Christmas party fantasy!

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Bondage and BDSM Gifts - Sex Toy Gift Guide 2022 by Gläs

Bondage & BDSM

You better not pout. You better not cry. I’ll tell you why. Because you haven’t been given permission. It’s the season for giving and you’d better be ready to take it all. We have restraints, pinchers, blinders, and cages. Do you consent?

Nipple Clamps w/ Black Bell

Jack Frost’s nipples will look like they froze. Hard nipples get the clamp, but you can find your tramp if you listen to the sound of their jingling bells. The rubber-coated clamps are adjustable by screw and are perfect for partnered or solo play.

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5-Ring Gates of Hell w/ Leash Lead

On the fifth day of Christmas, my Master gave to me, a 5-Ring Gates of Hell. It may not be golden, but it will still hold your attention. Use this device to restrict blood flow, deny orgasm, and control your sub. Easy to put on, and compatible with any lube.

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Fuzzy Lovers 4-Piece Set

Come in from the cold, but keep it hot with this bondage set that includes a bedspreader with fuzzy cuffs, fuzzy paddle, fuzzy blindfold, and a set of nipple clamps. It also includes a to-go travel bag so you can take the fun with you home for the holidays. Santa is a natural voyeur so make sure you put on a naughty good show.

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7-Piece Sensory Bondage Set

Santa Baby, just roll a Wartenberg pinwheel on me. This set includes a bedspread with cuffs, Nipple covers, feathered nipple clamps, clothespins, eye mask, candle, and of course, a Wartenberg pinwheel. Everything you need for a sensory-seeking seasonal sexy session.

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Powercocks Vibrators - Sex Toy Gift Guide 2022 by Gläs


This collection was made to spread the holiday spirit. The vibrational patterns of this lifelike head and shaft with realistic skin make a unique toy for one and all. Each vibe comes in two colors: black and nude. 

6” Realistic Textured Vibrating Dildo

What’s better than slurping on more than your fair share of candy canes? This holiday treat will make you nougat all over the place. With its realistic head and skin-like silicone surface, you will feel every vein of the flexible shaft as its vibrations bring you peace on earth.

Length 15.24cm 

Width 4.6cm 

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6.5" Realistic Textured Vibrating Dildo

With features similar to its smaller counterpart, the 6.5” also brings good tidings that an orgasm is near. You may not lay in a manger, but you will certainly be spent after decking your halls with this one. Featuring 3 speeds and 4 vibrational patterns, you’ll be singing the song of good cheer.

Length 16.5cm 

Width 4cm

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7” Slim Realistic Textured Vibrating Anal Dildo

Tapered like Christmas candles, this lifelike veiny dildo is specially designed for anal pleasure. Santa will be coming (a LOT) to your town after checking this toy twice. Fully submersible, this rechargeable vibe will guarantee that someone has a white Christmas, indeed.

Length 17.78cm 

Width 4.65cm

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8” Girthy Realistic Textured Vibrating Dildo

King of Cocks! You’ll be hollering hallelujah after a romp with this Christmas special. Made to access the G-spot and the P-spot, may it guide you through the night with its textured grip, adjustable settings, and beckoning size.

Length 20.32cm 

Width 4.60cm

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These good tidings we bring to you and your friends. We wish you a cum-filled Christmas and a horny New Year!

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