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The Best Rabbit Vibrators to Hop On This Easter - Guide to Glass, a blog by Gläs

The Best Rabbit Vibrators to Hop On This Easter

Easter is for f*cking.

Hey, we don’t make the rules. Named after the German goddess of spring, Oestre, Easter is on a Pagan holiday that celebrates rebirth with eggs as the symbolism of new life and rabbits signifying fertility… more specifically, the act that produces fertility. Of course, this time of year has other connotations that are important, but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because we want to talk about fucking like rabbits. Or rather, fucking with the best rabbit vibrators.

Most of us are familiar with the rabbit vibrator, but have you ever found the BEST rabbit vibrator? Those little ears have been tickling clitori for nearly forty years. In those same forty years, we have learned a lot about making people with vulvas cum, and we have the best rabbit vibrators to get the job done.

Get Hoppin'

There is the traditional style of rabbit that has a realistic head and a bunny-shaped tickler with ears perfectly positioned to stimulate the clitoris, but we have taken that basic bunny and made it better with a throbbing shaft that stimulates from the inside with 7 multidirectional speeds. Then we elevated this one to the best rabbit vibrator with a throbbing sensation by adding a thrusting realistic tip that will certainly clear out the dust bunnies.

Deep Burrowing

But say you’re looking to bury the carrot deep in the lettuce garden. The best rabbit vibrator for that job is likely the G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator with Rotating Shaft – which also works just as well for the P-Spot. While the aforementioned rabbit throbs its way through the inner working of your grove, this one uses rotation to turn your soil using three separate motors.

Variety Vibes

If your garden needs a little variety, this little bunny has the option of having vibrating beads or vibrating pearls. It’s a strong contender for the best rabbit vibrator because even with all these options, there’s a slimmer shaft version also featuring beads in case you aren’t looking for a big harvest. It’s also waterproof in case you want to water your garden in the shower.

Double-Duty Bunnies

Maybe your particular brand of being Peter Hot-in-Tail includes hopping down a different bunny trail, in which case, the Double Penetration rabbit will be your best rabbit vibrator. In addition to the rotating shaft, this bunny has a string of treats for your hole to munch on. With a thick, veiny shaft and anal beads to pop that hole right open, this rabbit will feel right at home. Like the idea but want to take bunny steps? The double penetrator has an option with a slimmer shaft, but it comes with the same rabbit ticklers and anal booty popping beads you will cum to love.

Whether you’ve been down this bunny trail before, or are new to the garden of eating, the best rabbit vibrator is waiting for you to explore your joy. 

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