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5 Reasons Why You Need a Glass Sex Toy in Your Life - Guide to Glass by Gläs

5 Reasons Why You Need a Glass Sex Toy in Your Life

Some people might be intimidated by glass for its bold, dazzling look and often-hefty weight, but the reality is … you need a glass sex toy in your life.

Pleasure products that are made out of glass can be intimidating if you have never used them before and aren’t aware of how they are different from other glass items that you come into contact with in daily life. Unlike the champagne glasses that you may have to replace often, glass sex toys are designed to be much more sturdy and are made to last. Glass sex toys also offer many other benefits.

The reason why you need a glass sex toy in your life is so that you can truly experience the intimacy and excitement of these gorgeous, eco-friendly pleasure products. Whether you use glass sex toys alone or with a partner, they can enhance your pleasure with the unique sensations that this material provides. 

Users of all levels can enjoy glass sex toys. This versatile material can be shaped into a variety of shapes and sizes that even the most novice users will enjoy. If you still need some convincing, here are five reasons why you need a glass sex toy in your life.

Massage Any Way You Like

With their firm, sleek texture, glass sex toys glide in and out and against the body with ease. Especially when paired with your favorite lubricant — which can be any kind, as glass sex toys are compatible with all varieties of formulas (yet another wonderful benefit of using glass sex toys.) When seeking intense orgasms, a glass sex toy’s sleekness can support your journey by enabling you to massage at the rhythm that you find the most pleasurable.

Glass sex toys are handcrafted with design details that will enhance stimulation with nubs, bumps, and ridges that can create the friction that you crave. When combined with the sleek feel of glass, the sensation becomes one that cannot be matched. 

Additionally, while glass toys may feel cool to the touch when you first hold them in your hands, they also easily adapt to your body’s temperature, making penetrative play comfortable and beyond enjoyable.

Tease and Please With Temperature Play

Let’s talk about temperature play. Glass sex toys can be heated and cooled to change up how it feels against your skin. Explore new sensations during foreplay by using a cooled glass sex toy to tease your partner’s thighs, nipples, and other sensitive external body parts. They will not be able to withstand the delightful chills that the sensation of the glass toy sends down their spine.

A warmed-up glass sex toy can be just as exciting as it will enhance the feel of any massage. Use a heated glass toy for a relaxing back massage or to add a realistic sensation as you stimulate internal erogenous zones like the G-spot or P-spot with its lifelike warmth.

Body-Safe and Easy to Clean

Cleanliness is extremely important when it comes to sex toys. These items are used on your most sensitive parts, so it’s essential to properly maintain your sex toys, no matter what they’re made of. With glass sex toys, cleaning is less of a hassle compared to other materials. 

To start with, glass sex toys are free from harmful materials and chemicals that can be found in sex toys. Additionally, glass toys are hypoallergenic so even people with sensitive skin can use them.

Shaped to Please

Glass sex toys come in a wide array of unique, pleasure-focused designs that are made for stimulating everywhere that you please. From butt plugs in sizes ranging from beginner-friendly to larger toys for adventurous anal play to shapes that are made for dual-stimulation and designs that target specific areas like the G-spot and more — you will find a glass sex toy that will satisfy your every desire.

Certain designs from the Glas collection of pleasure products are made for effortless maneuvering with handles, loops, and other elements that allow for the ultimate control of all the fun. The firm feel of the glass makes it easy to target erogenous zones with the ideal amount of pressure that you crave.

Pleasure Hiding in Plain Sight

With their eye-catching, unique shapes and radiance, glass sex toys can easily be confused for a work of art or a home décor item. A glass sex toy can be your own personal little naughty secret as it sits on your bookshelf or on your mantle that your friends come over to admire for its beauty.

The reasons why you need a glass sex toy in your life go beyond anything that we can tell you. Once you experience the sensual feel of glass, you won’t want to go back. A whole luminous world of pleasure is waiting for you!

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