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4.5” Tapered Glass Buttplug

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The 4.5” Tapered Glass Buttplug is perfect for anal play lovers, as well as those that prefer glass for its smooth, hypoallergenic surface that is an ideal choice for safe, steamy sex sessions between partners or solo. The 4.5” shaft is made from body-safe glass that warms or cools, allowing you to explore temperature play with sensual stimulation from cold to hot. The flared base makes it safe for anal play, so you can explore all of your wildest fantasies!

  • Made of body-safe, hypoallergenic glass
  • Smooth, sleek texture
  • Beginners-friendly 4.5” length
  • Transparent design for added visual stimulation
  • Flared base for safety
  • Compatible with all lubes
  • Can be cooled or warmed for added sensation
  • Perfect for couples and solo play

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Key Features

  • Transparent glass
  • Flat, flared base
  • 4.5” length
  • Easy-to-insert tapered tip
  • Perfect for external massage


  • Total Length: 4 inches
  • Bead Diameter: 1.48 inches
  • Shaft Diameter: 0.85 inches
  • Flared Base Diameter: 1.71 inches

Customer Reviews

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John Rodriguez

I bought this because I love to wear my NS novelties large Firefly glass buttplug all day sometimes. I thought the increased length would make this toy better, but it doesn't. I guess it's something about the shape. Plus, the base isn't wide enough to make me feel comfortable about doing that. I wore it for a short while to test it out, and I noticed the base starting to go inside... dangerous unless paid attention to. It goes in pretty easily, and it has a pretty good weight to it, but I feel like the bulb is too skinny at the top, so my P-spot hardly notices it.