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One of a Kind Unique Glass Sex Toys You Need For Your Collection - Guide to Glass Dildos by Gläs

One of a Kind Unique Glass Sex Toys You Need For Your Collection

Glass sex toys come in an extensive range of exciting shapes and designs that look more like pieces of art than pleasure products. Glass toys can create unique sensations and stimulate parts of your body that other toys cannot.

While the intricate designs of glass sex toys can be intimidating, these unique glass toys are specifically made to generate a treasure trove of pleasure with specifically designed textures that are as titillating as they are appealing to look at. What sets glass toys apart from other pleasure providers is that they can be warmed or cooled for temperature play. Simply place your glass sex toy in a refrigerator, or wrap it with a warm cloth to add more unique sensations to your intimate play.

Temperature play will complement the sensations of the smooth and hard glass toy surfaces. Additionally, the unique ridges, swirls, nubs, and other designs of glass toys further enhance the pleasure it provides.

The plethora of unique glass toys is as endless as they are intricate, and each provides a different kind of sensual opportunity for you to explore. These unique glass toys can be used by anyone regardless of gender, and they’re fun to play with solo as well as with a partner.

Double-Ended Dildos

If you are looking for a highly versatile and unique glass toy, there’s only two directions to look, either side of a double-ended dildo. These toys can be used for extreme partner play with double vaginal penetration, double anal penetration, or vaginal and anal penetration depending on your partner’s genetals and desires. Items such as the Gläs 8” G-Spot Glass Dildo or the 10” Mr. Swirly Double Ended Glass Dildo & Butt Plug can be used for G-Spot and backdoor play. With their elongated design, these unique glass toys make it especially easy to maneuver and share with a partner. 

Spiral Shafts

A spiral shafted toy such as the Gläs 6.5” Spiral Dildo provides levels of ecstasy and intensity as it plunges in and out of the body. These unique glass toys increase the friction as it massages you from the inside. Spiral shafts stimulate the erogenous zone around the anus or vagina, so they are well suited for every kind of intimate play.

Unique glass toys like Gläs’ Mr. Swirly Dildo feature a thick raised swirl that wraps all along the curved shaft of the dildo. Its tapered base allows the dildo to sit on a flat surface while you lower your body onto it for a hands-free experience. You’ll feel the unique sensation of the swirl as it penetrates your body.

Beaded Shafts

The bumpy and gradual sizing of beaded shafts make these unique glass toys some of the most popular. The shafts gradually increasing beads create a beginner friendly leveling to penetration, while the sudden jumps in stimulation give a teasing and kinky rhythm to insertion. 

Beaded glass toys such as the Gläs Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug feature a beaded shaft that gradually increases in size as the user inserts the toy deeper and deeper. This intensifies stimulation while makes it easy to control the depth and speed of insertion. For this reason, these unique glass toys are ideal for anal play. Toys such as Gläs’ Quintessence Beaded Anal Slider goes for depth rather than girth, with similar sized beads in a longer shaft that intensifies sensations as it slides deeper, massaging the edge of the prostate.


One of the kinkiest aspects of glass is the very material it is made of. This unique toy’s see-through nature lets us get a glimpse of eroticism that you can’t see with any other dildo and the juicer lets you relish in all of the internal juices of your partner or (with the help of a mirror) yourself. Juicers - like the Gläs Candy Land Juicer - give a porthole into the body while being used, allowing you to observe every contraction and pulse of pleasure your partner is experiencing, making this toy the ultimate voyeur’s tool.

The namesake of the Juicer comes from the crank-like extension that can be swirled around inside your partner for added intensity and euphoria. These unique glass toys feature nubs or ridges along the base to fully engulf your partner’s insides in ecstasy while you gaze at the action through the translucent glass. Juicers can be used for both vaginal and anal play making them the perfect toy for any kinky couple. 

Chili Pepper Dildo

Last, but certainly not least possibly the most unique glass toy in our entourage, the Chili Pepper Dildo by Gläs. This one-of-a-kind glass stimulator features the ultimate discreet design that allows it to easily pass for stylish décor. Whether you simply want to keep your kinks discrete, or you find stimulation with your dinner guests never guessing what the cool centerpiece is actually used for, this unique glass toy will leave others none the wiser to its true intent.

With its pointy tip, the Chili Pepper Dildo is perfect for tickling and teasing all along the body. It can also be used for unique internal stimulation, particularly for first-timers.

The array of unique glass toys is endless. Glass sex toy connoisseurs are known to collect these styles as their benefits and unique sensations that they provide are as vast as the creative designs that they are available. 

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