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Handcrafted By Gläs

Gläs's premium crafted glass sex toys are non-porous and shatterproof. They are perfect for all types of exploration and stimulation. Our collection ranges from realistic to double penetrative and extra large. No matter your experience level or body type, you'll find the perfect partner for pleasure.

Read More on Choosing The Right Glass Sex Toy.

  • 3 inch Horse Tail Glass Butt Plug
    3 inch Horse Tail Glass Butt Plug
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    Original Price $42.00
    Current Price $16.80

    3" Horse Tail Glass Butt Plug

    Saddle up for a wild fantasy ride with our 3" Horse Tail Glass Butt Plug. A tapered end and smooth texture make this toy an excellent choice for al...

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    Original Price $42.00
    Current Price $16.80
    Save $25.20

How to Choose the Right Glass Sex Toy

When buying a glass pleasure toy, you should consider both the sensation that you are looking to achieve as well as the length, girth, and if you are going to use it vaginally or anally. Glass sex toys are noted for their variety of shapes and textures, meaning you can garner a large amount of variety with a small collection. However, the harder material of glass means that it is less malleable than its silicone counterpart, making proper sizing when purchasing a toy incredibly important. Lastly, if you are looking to use your glass sex toy For Anal Play, ensure that the toy you choose has a tapered base for safe and easy insertion and removal.

Compatible Lubes for Glass

As glass toys are non-porous, they are compatible with all types of lubricant, meaning that you can experiment with a wide variety of stimulating, warming, or even silicone lubes.

How Durable and Safe are Glass Sex Toys?

Glass toys are made of shatter-proof, non-porous, and hypoallergenic borosilicate glass, meaning they won't shatter under pressure, won't retain bacteria when properly cleaned, and contain no allergens that could affect skin contact or insertion.

Is It Safe to Sleep with Glass Toys?

While sleeping with a glass dildo or butt plug won't run the risk of allergic reaction or infection, as they are very hard, one should consider sleeping position or movement during sleep as wearing one for a full night's sleep might cause discomfort. If wearing one anally for sleep, it is important to select a wide tapered toy for safe use and easy removal.

How to Properly Clean and Store Glass Toys?

Glass sex toys are incredibly easy to clean due to their non-porous and shatter-proof nature. Cleaning with Toy Cleaner or any body-safe soap and warm water is acceptable for most cases. Glass toys are also safe to be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher for a more intense sterilization. After drying, store your glass toys in their included carrying pouch or in a protective box to prevent scratching and dust accumulation.