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Spice Up Valentine's Day with these Valentine's Sex Tips GLAS

Spice Up Valentine's Day with these Valentine's Sex Tips

Forget that box of chocolates — a double-ended dildo is the ultimate gift to spice up Valentine’s Day. A double-ended dildo has the unique ability to allow two partners to share internal pleasure simultaneously. To further introduce you to this exciting way to play, we’ve got some Valentine’s Day sex tips for you.

Double-ended dildos present a win-win for couples. Designed for partnered use, a double-ended dildo could also be used to turn up the excitement during solo play as well — and we’ve got Valentine’s Day sex tips if you’re celebrating solo too! 

Double-ended dildos may be intimidating for some, with their elongated size and not one but two stimulating tips to explore. A lot of sex toy newbies may not be familiar with how to use a double-ended dildo, plus there’s the misconception that they’re only for lesbian couples. Believe it or not, everybody can enjoy double-ended toys, regardless of their sexual preference, gender, and even the genitals that they’re rocking. Dual-ended dildos present a whole world of opportunities for maximizing pleasure. 

We hope that these Valentine’s Day sex tips introduce you to ways that a double-ended dildo can help you to break through that door of uncertainty and start doubling up on your pleasure. 

Sensual Sensation Play

Any satisfying sexual engagement with a partner begins with foreplay. One of the best Valentine’s Day sex tips that we can offer is that you take it slow and begin your sensual celebration by introducing your double-ended pleasure tool with some external sensation play. 

One of the best qualities of glass is its ability to retain heat or cool temperatures. Any glass toy from Glas can be placed in warm or cool water for a few minutes to amp up the sensation of its sleek surface against the skin.

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Among our top Valentine’s Day sex tips is to make it a night that your partner will never forget as you introduce them to the exhilarating feel of a cool firm glass toy gliding up and down your partner’s back, or teasing their nipples with it…  

Enhance the Intimacy

The beauty of double-ended dildos is that they can be enjoyed by two partners at once! Several Glas double-ended dildo styles are curved, which means that in a couple, each partner can take one end and insert it into their most hungry hole all the while facing their partner.

Our best Valentine’s Day sex tips for couples that are all about enhancing their intimacy is to use this romantic holiday to explore pleasure together. A curved dual-ended dildo can be used by couples of any gender, sexual preference, and anatomy. Vulva-owners can partake in simultaneous G-spot targeting - everybody has a butt with plenty of pleasure potential. Exploring a dual-ended toy with a partner can help to improve communication and intimacy as you embark on a thrilling pleasure journey together. 

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Anal Play

As mentioned above, penetration from a double-ended dildo isn’t only pleasurable if you have a vagina. Several of Glas’ dildo styles are carefully crafted with ridges, nubs, and other pleasure-enhancing features. With their tapered tip and elongated design, double-ended dildos are perfect for exploring anal pleasure.

One of the best Valentine’s Day sex tips that we can offer is to turn up the excitement on this romantic holiday. Anyone can play along with the usual holiday traditions however venturing into a new realm of pleasure like anal stimulation is a holiday celebration that won’t soon be forgotten.

Make sure to lather your glass sex toy with plenty of lube to properly enjoy anal play.

Mutual Masturbation

Another way to introduce a new way to play this Valentine’s Day is to try mutual masturbation. This intimate kinky activity is one of our favorite Valentine’s Day sex tips because it offers so much to your partner, and yourself. When two people let go of their inhibitions and boldly self-please themselves with their partner watching, it can open a whole new world of possibilities. 

Intimacy increases between the couple because they’re performing this activity together that’s usually done alone, and the goal is to pay attention and take mental notes so that you and your partner can mimic the acts on each other. 

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Solo Play

Last but not least, there’s no love like self-love. Our ultimate best of all Valentine’s Day sex tips to try is to treat yourself to some self-pleasure. Whether you’re single or taken, make sure that you take a moment to show yourself some love.

A double-ended dildo can be very effective in turning a relaxing bath into an orgasmic, relieving bath that will be the ultimate Valentine’s Day treat. The elongated size and curve that many glass double-ended toys offer are perfect for exploring pleasure on your own. 

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No matter how you choose to celebrate the romantic holiday, we hope that these Valentine’s Day sex tips spark some memorable intimate moments with your special person(s), and most importantly, yourself.

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