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Let's Get Physical: Using Yoni Eggs for Kegel Exercises - Guide to Glass, a blog by

Let's Get Physical: Using Yoni Eggs for Kegel Exercises

The low-down on your pelvic floor

The word “yoni” has been the most popular word to refer to a vagina since we all silently agreed to run away from using “vajayjay”, so yes, we know what it is, but why THIS word? And what is so magical about a yoni or what can be done with it? We know we have sex, birth children, and pee using the yoni, but then what? Simply put, yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning “source”, and in modern language, we use it to describe all things hoo-hah. 

This word re-entered our lexicon when a company claimed to have found an ancient secret to making sex better, provoking thousands to run out and by what is known as the yoni egg. This ancient secret is as follows. If you can strengthen your pelvic muscles, you can tighten your twat and a taut taco means better sex and no urine leakage. Called Kegel exercises, you squeeze your lower innards (think: stopping your pee over and over) to fortify the muscles that support your bladder, uterus, rectum, and small intestine. We’re getting to the better sex part: don’t worry. 

What are Kegels?

Kegel exercises relax your vaginal muscles so that they are more open, that is, receptive. Not to be confused with a bigger love tunnel, but rather, a more flexible and accommodating one. One way to do Kegel exercises is to simply squeeze. Start out by squeezing for three seconds, five times. Try this twice a day and you will start to feel the results. You can gradually increase to ten seconds and more as you get stronger. The best part about this is that you can do them anywhere and no one has to know. 

Ok, that was a lie. The ACTUAL best part about this is that it feels good. Kegel exercises can be quite arousing and to further enhance such a wonderful thing, try introducing yoni eggs to your sexy squeezes. Yoni eggs are smooth egg-shaped stones that claim to have spiritual and energetic healing powers. Whether you believe in crystals and gems is up to you, but holding a yoni egg in requires that you squeeze your pelvic muscle and in this way, yoni eggs help with Kegel exercises.

A historic squeeze

Originally made of jade, it was once believed that doing Kegel exercises would transfer the jade’s energetic benefits to the wearer. Jade is thought to ward off harm and brings harmony instead. It helps the wearer to attract good luck, friendship, and self-sufficiency while releasing negativity. So why wouldn’t you want to place this power at your “source”?

Yoni eggs can be made of just about any crystal or semi-precious stone, which means they, theoretically, have the properties of that stone. Rose quartz is popular for love, clear quartz is perfect for balancing emotions, and obsidian clears negativity. Doing Kegel exercises using any one of these makes absolute sense except for one thing: some of them are porous. That means they can hold bacteria. If you have your yoni egg in overnight, or if you don’t wash it as thoroughly as you think you did, you will have much bigger issues. 

The safer bet is to go with a non-porous borosilicate glass yoni egg. Your Kegel exercises will be much safer since they are easier to clean and don’t hold bacteria (or fungi). 

But HOW do you use them?

Now that we know what Kegel exercises do, and we know what yoni eggs to choose, the real question is HOW. How do you get those things up there, and more importantly, how do you get them out? Most users will agree that there is somewhat of a spiritual element of doing Kegel exercises with a yoni egg so it’s a widely accepted practice to d a small ritual around the insertion into your “source”. Having a safe and sensual environment, filling your eggs with intentions and good energy, and saying manifestation mantras are accepted parts of the process. 

Get into a comfortable position and place the large end of the yoni egg against your vaginal opening. Relax as much as possible using deep breaths. Slide the egg up and down between your labia to cause arousal and warm the egg to your body temperature. Your natural wetness will allow some slip, but using a water-based lube at this part of the process is ideal. Slowly insert the egg by twisting it to ease it into your vagina. You can use two hands for this process, but remember to rest a moment to allow your muscles to relax around this new object.

Now that it’s inserted, the Kegel exercises are pretty much organic. Many people wear them overnight, but 30 minutes a day is sufficient. To remove your egg is simpler than one would guess. Simply relax, squat, and cough. This is another great time to use some lube, but if you are still having trouble, use a finger to reach inside and hook around the yoni egg and pull it out. Remember to clean your egg thoroughly after each use. A high concentrate saline wash is best, but a mild soap with warm water is fine as well. 

Why should I do Kegels?

Doing Kegel exercises have so many benefits… improving blood circulation to your vagina and pelvic floor, making orgasms more easy and pleasurable, and pain relief are just a few to name. There is, however, such a thing as overdoing them so make sure your frequency and duration are right for you. Using yoni eggs for Kegel exercises doesn’t have the go-ahead from the medical community, but there is a large population that swears by them. You can even find professional yoni egg and steaming practitioners that can walk you through the process so you can get your clam a-clutching.

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