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How to Use Glass Sex Toys for Sensory Play

How to Use Glass Sex Toys for Sensory Play

There are many different sensations that can be explored with glass sex toys. With their sleek feel and their ability to be cooled or be heated for stimulating temperature play, glass sex toys are the perfect bedroom accessories to explore sensory play with a partner. Just imagine the thrilling sensation of a firm, smooth surface that glides against your body (or your partner’s) with a cool or warm feel that will surely send chills up and down your spine. 

What is sensory play?

Sensory play is when you incorporate physical sensations to enhance the senses of a partner in a sensual and satisfying way. Sensory play is often a part of BDSM with the deprivation of one or more senses being used to enhance pleasure. A blindfold is a beginners-friendly intimate accessory that can be used to explore sensory deprivation and it can also be used in addition to a glass toy to enhance the feel of its silky smooth surface.

With sensory play, even your sense of sound can play a role in your foreplay — play romantic music to set the mood or for a bondage experience, use headphones so that your partner only hears music while you please them physically.

Your sense of smell can be stimulated with fragrant scents from candles or a partner’s perfume, and your sense of taste is easily satisfied with the sweet flavor of a strawberry, chocolate or the fizzy taste of champagne. 

Glass sex toys can be used for sensory play to stimulate your sense of touch. The firm, smooth texture of glass provides a unique feel when used for an internal massage. Additionally, glass sex toys are particularly favored for sensory play because they can be used for temperature play. Glass sex toys are easy to heat or cool, allowing couples to explore the sensation of different temperatures all over their bodies.

Glass Sex Toy Safety

A common misconception for first-timers about glass toys is that because glass is breakable, a glass sex toy isn’t safe. That couldn’t be farther from the truth because glass sex toys such as toys offered as part of the Gläs collection are made from non-toxic, body-safe borosilicate glass that is tempered — which also allows it to also withstand extreme temperatures that can be incorporated into sensual temperature play.

Getting Started with Sensory Play

Sensory play can incorporate all kinds of sensations that don’t even require touch. To get started, excite the senses by setting up a sexy scene with sensual music, fragrant candles and soft blankets and pillows to enhance the soothing, relaxing feeling that can help a partner feel more at ease to explore deeper into sensory play.

If indulging in romance is what is on the menu, then you can step up the sensory play to include touch. Give your partner a relaxing massage or take the excitement up a notch with an erotic massage (perhaps with a happy ending.)

Cool Down

Enhance a sensual massage by sending chills down your partner’s spine with the help of a chilled glass sex toy. Sensory play can be focused on external body parts with the aid of a glass sex toy that can be used to tease and blissfully torture with the cool sensation of glass. To ensure that your glass sex toy will feel sensually chilly against the skin, you can submerge it in cold water to change its temperature. For a more intense cool down, put your glass sex toy in the fridge.

Warm It Up

While a chilled glass sex toy might excite you as it dances against your skin, a cold glass sex toy will most likely not feel so great being inserted into your warm privates (however, if you find this pleasurable then more power to you!) To get the most out of your sensory play for internal pleasure, we recommend turning up the heat!

Similar to cooling down a glass sex toy, you can warm it up simply by placing it in warm water. You can really submerge yourself in the pleasure by setting up a warm bath and allowing your glass sex toy to join you in your warm tub. Lay back and let your imagination run wild as you fantasize your more desired partner while a hard glass sex toy plunges into you with all of its sensual heat.

Finding your Pleasure Zones

Gläs has created an ideal assortment of unique glass pleasure tools that are designed to provide intense orgasmic pleasure with shapes and design features that target all of the pleasure zones that are calling for your attention. From curved shafts that target the G-spot or P-spot to nubs, swirls and ridges that massage intensely as they’re inserted or removed from the body, glass sex toys are designed to offer the maximum external stimulation for orgasmic sensory play.

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