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An illustrative guide to the Kama Sutra - Guide to Glass, a blog by Gläs

An illustrative guide to the Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra. You know what it is (kinda) and you know it’s some sorta sex bible (kinda). But you also have never actually seen it, read it, or met anyone who has. You have a working knowledge of its reference, but you couldn’t correctly reference it if your (sex) life depended on it… Or could you?

The thing is, the Kama Sutra has been so ingrained into Western Culture that many of us employ its truths (and let’s be honest… sex positions) without even realizing it. But how did this happen? The short version of the story is that there were two versions of the Kama Sutra introduced to English speakers at a time when the Hindu religion, its followers, and its texts were thrown some serious shade for being “paganistic”. The first version was badly translated, watered down, and took away feminine voices ON PURPOSE. The second version was properly translated but, because of this, didn’t get the circulation that the first one received. Unfortunately, the only reason the first version was accepted in society is because it was so diluted in its descriptions, voices, and perspectives. So after all of the truths and directions for life were carefully recorded, Victorian British society ogled the text that repulsed them, dismissing loads of context, and are essentially responsible for the Kama Sutra we THINK we know today. 

The Kama Sutra contains teachings on attaining life goals, socializing, how to love and be loved, how to fall in love and stay in love, how to have sex, and in general, how to live a fulfilling life. The properly translated version is available, but in keeping with the tradition of microwaved information, we’re going to talk about sex positions of the Kama Sutra; specifically, five of them.


Splitting Bamboo - An illustrative guide to the Kama Sutra - Guide to Glass, a blog by Gläs

One of the physically easiest positions, this position is for all kinds of couples regardless of genitalia. Partner A should lay on their back, as though waiting for the missionary position. They should then put one leg up, ideally to rest on Partner B, but it can go wherever is comfortable. The other leg should stay straight out in front of them. At this point, it may be comfortable to twist a bit to the side with the straight leg and prop themselves up. Pillows and piled-up blankets are your friends here. 

Person B should straddle Person A’s straightened leg and face them, giving support to the leg Person A has in the air. Align the genitalia in a way that feels good and wait for the fireworks that are definitely in the way. 


Close Up - An illustrative guide to the Kama Sutra - Guide to Glass, a blog by Gläs

This Kama Sutra position is a familiar one, but you probably know it as a form of “riding” or “cowgirl”. It requires a bit more vigor but is well worth the trouble. In addition to the extra calorie burn, this position gives a bit of a break to whoever does most of the penetrating. To get a piece of this action, the person that will be penetrating will lay on their back with their legs straight out in front of them. The person being penetrated will straddle their legs so that they are facing their partner and their knees are bent under them. Once the penis or toy is inside them, they should lean back. They may use their partner’s legs or the bed to support them, whichever is most comfortable. For a little razzle-dazzle, the partner being penetrated should arch their back.


Magic Mountain - An illustrative guide to the Kama Sutra - Guide to Glass, a blog by Gläs

This position can be pretty fun. Especially if you’re having a date night in and you’ve built a fort. Of course, you’d have to tear down part of your fort to conquer this mountain, but that’s part of the fun. First, stack some of your firmest pillows so that you can both comfortably lean on them without toppling. The partner being penetrated will kneel down and lean on the pillows first. The partner penetrating will kneel down behind them with their legs on the outside. This is counterintuitive but adds that extra bang. This is one of the easiest positions in the Kama Sutra, and it’s ideal for non-penetrative sex. Use your hands and your imagination to reach the promised land.


The Rowing Boat - An illustrative guide to the Kama Sutra - Guide to Glass, a blog by Gläs

This one is not for the faint of heart nor those with shaky muscles. Starting at the CLOSE UP position above, the one penetrating will slowly sit up so that their knees are bent. The one being penetrated will lean back with their legs bent, but they will be outside of their partner’s legs. This way, they can wrap their legs around the penetrating partner’s body. Each of them should hold hands after having slipped their arms under each other’s knees.

This move requires some serious flexibility and a lot of heart. Remember that pillows are always an option for support and that you can have your own variation of this. Maybe try this on your sides so gravity doesn’t make you pull the wrong muscle.


The Hinge - An illustrative guide to the Kama Sutra - Guide to Glass, a blog by Gläs

There are a couple of ways to approach this one. Partner A - the one being penetrated, can get on their elbows and knees. Partner B should get behind them with one knee bent on the bed, and the other in the air (like proposing, but that’s not a ring in their hand). From here, partner B can penetrate partner A.

The other way to get into this position is for Partner B to enter Partner A and have Partner A lean back into the position. In both cases, the work is split evenly. Use pillows to support Partner B, either behind the thighs, or behind the back depending on how much work Partner A is putting in. It’s also to everyone’s advantage if Partner A arches their back. 

This position can be medium to difficult depending on your build and stamina. Stretching would be a really good idea here.

That’s it! These are some of the least complicated Kama Sutra positions out there. With over 100 floating around, it’s nice to have a short list to choose from. Each of these can be modified to accommodate any couple, orientation, genitalia, or size. Cycle through this list to shake up your bedroom antics, or at the very least, have a great laugh later.

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